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The Muirburn Code


Further information and training

Formal training

  • Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group publishes a leaflet about forestry vocational qualifications relating to the use and control of fire which is available from the HSE website: http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/afag803.pdf. This is also relevant to moorland fires.
  • Lantra, Scotland (Newlands, Scone, Perth PH2 6NL, Tel: 01738 553311 http://www.lantra.co.uk), the national training organisation for land-based sectors.
  • National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center (3250 Capital Circle SW, Tallahassee, Florida 32310, Tel 00 1 877 223 2198 / 00 1 850 521 2080, http://www.fws.gov/fire/pftc). Intensive 24 day courses in prescribed fire use and control including 5 - 12 days of actual prescribed burning under variety of field conditions plus 3 - 4 days of classroom instruction.
  • North Highland College (Ormlie Road, Thurso, Caithness K14 7EE, Tel 01847 889 250, http://www.nhcscotland.com/) which runs a residential Highland Gamekeeping course.
  • Scottish Qualifications Authority (Helpdesk 0141 242 2214, The Optima Building, 58 Robertson Street, GLASGOW G2 8DQ and Ironmills Road, Dalkeith, Midlothian EH22 1LE, Tel: 0845 279 1000 http://www.sqa.org.uk) for information on Scottish Vocational Qualifications.

Advice, and periodic demonstration days and short courses related to the use of fire

Rural Fire Protection Groups

To promote the development of issues relating to fire management, the Scottish Wildfire Forum was established in 2004. For more information see: http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Justice/Fire/15130/wildfireforum

Part of the work of the Wildfire Forum is to encourage the formation of Rural Fire Protection Groups which promote best practice, provide mutual assistance between neighbours and coordination with the Fire and Rescue Service. Such groups allow an exchange of information and experience and may also provide some training opportunities. For more information about a Fire Protection Group near you, please contact your local Fire and Rescue Service. It is only through working together that potential wildfires can effectively be managed!


  • A Manual of Red Grouse and Moorland Management. P.J. Hudson and D. Newborn (1995). Game Conservancy Trust. Available from Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust, Fordingbridge, Hampshire SP6 1EF (Tel 01425 652381).
  • Good Practice for Grouse Moor Management. The Moorland Working Group. Copies available from Scottish Natural Heritage Publications, Battleby, Redgorton, Perth PE1 3EW (Tel 01738 627921).
  • The Lowland Heath Management Handbook, C.H. Gimingham (1992). English Nature. Out of print. Replaced by RSPB Publication:

A practical guide to the restoration and management of lowland heathland. Symes N C and Day J. 2003. The publication is available to purchase only; price £19.99 + £2 postage and packaging. Details of how to order are on the following website: www.rspb.org.uk/publications (download an order form).

  • The Upland Management Handbook. Backshall J., Manley J. and Rebane M (eds) 2001. English Nature, Peterborough is found at: http://naturalengland.communisis.com/NaturalEnglandShop/product.aspx?ProductID=8cc609ba-1d87-4b0b-8ca9-b1158c8a3ceb
  • Introduction to Wildland Fire. S.J. Pyne, P.L. Andrews and R.D. Laven (1996). 2nd edition. John Wiley & Sons Inc., New York. Very comprehensively describes fire behaviour, the use of prescribed fire, fire planning, and fire control techniques in North America.
  • A Guide for Prescribed Fire in Southern Forests. D.D. Wade and J.D. Lunsford (1989). Technical Publication R8-TP11, Forest Service Southern Region, United States Department of Agriculture. USDA Forest Service, Southern Region, 1720 Peachtree Road, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30367-9102. Although dealing with prescribed burning of the understorey vegetation in the pine forests of the south-east USA, this provides a very relevant and concise account of fire behaviour, and the practicalities of prescribed burning, in a short booklet well illustrated with colour photographs.
  • Australasian Fire Authorities Council Learning Manuals. These excellent manuals cover a wide range of fire-related issues in a concise and clear way, well illustrated with colour diagrams. There are manuals on Wildfire Behaviour (manuals 1.12A, 2.28, 3.23), Wildfire Suppression (manuals 1.12B, 2.29, 3.18) and Prescribed Fire (manuals 3.17, 4.25). Tasmania TAFE, Learning Media Services, P.O. Box 949, Rosny Park, Tasmania 7018 (Tel 0061 3 62 33 7397). Details about these other manuals can be found at http://ausfire.com/index.htm.
  • Prescribed Burning Guidelines in the Northern Great Plains. K.F. Higgins, A.D. Kruse and J.L. Piehl (1989). U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Cooperative Extension Service, South Dakota State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture EC760, Jamestown, North Dakota, USA. This document can be found and downloaded free at http://www.npwrc.usgs.gov/resource/habitat/burning/index.htm
  • Principles of Moorland Management. Scotland's Moorland Forum (2003). Copies available from Scottish Natural Heritage Publications, Battleby, Redgorton, Perth PE1 3EW (Tel 01738 627921) and as a download from: http://www.moorlandforum.org.uk/
  • Forest and moorland fire suppression.ISBN 0-85538-571-5. I R Murgatroyd; Forestry Commission, Edinburgh. Technical Note published September 2002, FCTN003. Obtainable from Forestry Commission Publications, P O Box 25, Wetherby, West Yorkshire, LS23 7EW. Tel 08701 214 180.

Access via Forestry Commission publications: