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Statistical Bulletin Crime and Justice Series: Fire Statistics Scotland, 2009-10, (2010-11 Provisional)


1. Introduction

This publication provides a detailed overview of Scottish Fire and Rescue Services incident statistics covering the 10 year period from 2000-01 to 2009-10 at Fire and Rescue Service and Scotland level. This includes a revision of the previous provisional 2009-10 data published on the 5 October 2010. High level provisional data for 2010-11 has also been included in this publication and once this data has been finalised it will be included, as confirmed data, in a future publication.

These statistics are compiled from reports submitted to the Department for Communities and Local Government ( DCLG) on incidents attended by Scotland's Fire and Rescue Services ( FRSs).

This year the publication data source has changed. In April 2009, Scotland started to use the Incident Recording System ( IRS); this is an electronic system which captures all incidents that Scotland's Fire and Rescue Services attend. This has caused some discontinuity with reporting of the time series for some of the tables.

This publication is the collective work of staff within the DCLG's Fire and Resilience Directorate and Scottish Government Justice Analytical Services.

Chart 1- Fatal casualties from primary fires, Scotland 1994-95 to 2010-11 (p)

Chart 1- Fatal casualties from primary fires, Scotland 1994-95 to 2010-11(p)