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Scotland's National Dementia Strategy: One Year On Report


7. Accelerated Implementation of the Dementia Integrated Care Pathway

7.1 The strategy said that we will improve the management of care for people with dementia through faster implementation of the dementia care pathway, with a particular focus on diagnosis and responding to behaviour that people find challenging.

7.2 As part of this we said that during 2010/11 NHS Boards would start to collect data in relation to particular components of their local care pathways in order to accelerate implementation of the dementia Integrated Care Pathway ( ICP).

7.3 An ICP sets out the process of assessment, care and treatment for service users with similar diagnoses or symptoms. It lets service users know what they should expect from services. It should set expectations for the local management and organisation of care and act as a point of comparison for treatment and care provided. A good ICP will look beyond treating the disorder and will focus on the full range of needs and capabilities of the individual.

7.4 The dementia ICP standards focus on key elements of the dementia journey:

  • post-diagnostic support;
  • assessment for therapies; and
  • managing challenging behaviour.

7.5 NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland is developing an implementation plan for Integrated Care Pathways to support NHS Boards to develop their ICPs locally. They are developing operational definitions for a small number of key data points that NHS Boards across Scotland will be asked to collect. This will include recording information about diagnosis, what information has been provided to the service user, and what support has been offered after diagnosis. Definitions are also being developed about assessment of suitability for a psychological therapy, including for people with dementia.