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Evaluation of Big Noise, Sistema Scotland

DescriptionThe evaluation of the process and outcomes achieved to date by Big Noise Children’s Orchestra in the Raploch Estate in Stirling.
ISBN978 1 780450995
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2011
Website Publication DateMarch 16, 2011



ISBN 978 1 78045 099 5 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11413

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This report is accompanied by a research finding


Executive Summary
Progress Towards Social Transformation
Outcomes For Children
Outcomes For Families
Outcomes For Communities
Evaluation Of Big Noise Processes
Intensity And Immersion
Partnership Working
Community Awareness And Involvement
Excellence And Profile
Costs And Potential Savings

1 Introduction
Background To Big Noise
What Is Big Noise?
The Study
The Report

2 Big Noise In Context
Policy Context
The Choosing Of Raploch
The Socio-Economic Context Of Raploch

3 Processes
Intensity, Immersion And Inclusion
Intensity And Immersion
Partnership Working
Excellence And Profile
A Programme Of Significance
Credible Partners
Musical Excellence
Skilled Staff
Costs And Potential Benefits

4 Progress Towards Social Transformation
Outcomes For Children
A Valuable Experience
Personal And Social Development
Anticipated Outcomes For Children
Impact On Families
Impact On Communities
Impact On Organisations
Impact On National Outcomes

5 Conclusions
Short Term Outcomes
Engaging Children
Engaging Families
Delivering An Inclusive Programme
Engaging The Community
Medium Term Outcomes
Long Term Outcomes
Contribution To National Outcomes

Appendix 1 Description Of Big Noise Activities
What Is Big Noise?
The Big Noise Team

Appendix 2 Reviewing the Evidence
The Benefits Of Music Education For Children
Intellectual Development
Personal And Social Development
Out Of School Activities
Early Intervention
Making The Connection To Long Term Outcomes

Appendix 3 Method
Desk Research
Logic Model
Consultations, Workshops And Observations

Appendix 4 Case Studies
Case Study 1 - Impact For Children; Learning And Wider Achievement (1)
Case Study 2 - Impact For Children; Learning And Wider Achievement (2)
Case Study 3 - Impact Of Children; Overcoming Barriers To Participation
Case Study 4 - Impact For Children; Increasing Opportunity And Aspiration
Case Study 5 - Impact For Families; Enhancing Family Life And Hopes For The Future
Case Study 6 - Impact For Families; Lifelong Learning And Community Involvement
Case Study 7 - Impact On The Community; Changing Perceptions
Case Study 8 - Partnership Working To Enhance Service Delivery And Experiences For Children (1)
Case Study 9 - Partnership Working To Enhance Service Delivery And Experiences For Children; Linking To The Curriculum For Excellence (2)

Appendix 5 Big Noise Alignment To 8 Success Factors Identified By The Critical Hours Study

Appendix 6 Process Map

Appendix 7 Numbers Of Children Engaging In Big Noise

Appendix 8 Curriculum Map

Appendix 9 Cost To Society Of Negative Outcomes And Problem Behaviours

Appendix 10 Parent Survey Findings

Appendix 11 Self Evaluation Framework


The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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