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Scottish Government Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Task Force Report On Delivery Programme: 2008-2011

DescriptionScottish Government Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Task Force Report On Delivery Programme: 2008-2011
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2011
Website Publication DateMarch 14, 2011


ISBN 978 1 78045 047 6 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11331

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Foreword by the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing

Foreword by the Chief Nursing Officer for Scotland

Executive summary

1. The Healthcare Associated Infection (HAI) Task Force
What is the HAI Task Force?
What does the HAI Task Force do?
National HAI Action Plan
HAI Task Force Delivery Plan
Who are the HAI Task Force's stakeholders?
NHS boards
Health Protection Scotland
NHS Education for Scotland
NHS Quality Improvement Scotland
Health Facilities Scotland
Scottish Antimicrobial Prescribing Group
Scottish Infection Research Network
The Care Commission
NSS National Procurement

2. What has been achieved?
Action area 1.1 Development of care bundles
Action area 1.2 Implementation of care bundles; Action area 1.3 Monitoring of compliance with implementation; Action area 1.4 Evaluation of care bundle approach
Action area 1.5 Support for Care Commission - care of older people and early years - HAI nurse consultant
Action area 1.6 Support HPS in the delivery of expertise in decontamination
Action area 1.7 Develop and pilot a methodology to improve learning and develop solutions with regard to endoscope decontamination incidents
Action area 1.8 Public involvement programme
Action area 1.9 Contribute to healthcare associated infection elements of patient experience
Action area 1.10 Community health partnerships further development

Action area 2.1 Establish and address workforce development requirements of infection control teams; Action area 2.2 Development of a programme to support infection control nurse career progression; Action area 2.3 Develop a programme to support the developmental and educational needs of infection control doctors; Action area 2.4 Develop a programme to support the developmental and educational needs of microbiologists
Action area 2.5 Development of an educational programme on caring for patients in isolation
Action area 2.6 Development of an educational package on pressure ulcers
Action area 2.7 Further development of the hand hygiene programme
Action area 2.8 Promote inclusion of the Cleanliness Champions Programme in undergraduate nursing and medical courses and extend to healthcare professional and support staff
Action area 2.9 Develop topic-specific packages relating to HAI and the Scottish Patient Safety Alliance
Action area 2.10 Implementation of outbreak management programme
Action area 2.11 Education programme for surveillance coordinators
Action area 2.12 Development of a neonatal vascular access programme
Action area 2.13 Develop an educational package on prevention of infectious diseases in older people

Action area 3.1 Continued development of surgical site infection surveillance
Action area 3.2 Further development of catheter-associated urinary tract infection surveillance, in particular targeting medicine, surgical (and orthopaedics), care of the elderly and in long-term care
Action area 3.3 Further exploration as to reasons for variation in Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia rates
Action area 3.4 Implementation of intensive care unit surveillance of ventilator associated pneumonia and central venous catheter infections
Action area 3.5 Repeated targeted prevalence surveillance
Action area 3.6 Development and implementation of the second national point prevalence survey
Action area 3.7 Vascular catheter surveillance
Action area 3.8 Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance; Action area 3.9 Surveillance of antimicrobial resistance drugs
Action area 3.10 Further development of bacteraemia surveillance (ECOSS interface)
Action area 3.11 Develop a prevalence methodology for pressure ulcers (linked to the national approach to tissue viability)
Action area 3.12 Knowledge management of HAI outbreaks
Action area 3.13 Explore care home surveillance

Action area 4.1 Development of supporting materials for implementation of the model policies for transmission-based precautions
Action area 4.2 Developing further new model policies
Action area 4.3 Pilot study of the recommendations in the MRSA health technology assessment
Action area 4.4 Full implementation of MRSA screening programme; Action area 4.5 Implementation of MRSA control strategy
Action area 4.6 Implementation of the NHS QIS HAI Standards and self-assessment tool
Action area 4.7 Formal review against the NHS QIS HAI Standards
Action area 4.8 Develop national guidelines on taking samples for diarrhoeal patients (including Clostridium difficile)
Action area 4.9 Implementing Scottish Management of Antimicrobial Resistance Action Plan recommendations
Action area 4.10 Standard operating procedures for testing of key organisms
Action area 4.11 Outbreak management guidance
Action area 4.12 Rolling programme for reviewing existing national programmes
Action area 4.13 Evaluation of model policies

Action area 5.1 Further development of the monitoring framework for the NHSScotland National Cleaning Services Specification
Action area 5.2 Promote specification of new builds as fit for purpose for HAI prevention
Action area 5.3 Innovations research project - phase II
Action area 5.4 Education and training frameworks for all staff within facilities services
Action area 5.5 Study programme on cleaning regimes
Action area 5.6 A housekeeping pilot scheme hosted by HFS
Action area 5.7 Develop training package for ICTs specifically around areas of mechanical services such as ventilation, water systems
Action area 5.8 Develop training package for HAI guidance for NHS boards
Action area 5.9 Development and implementation of an estates monitoring tool
Action area 5.10 Facilities support team

Action area 6.1 SIRN research and support
Action area 6.2 HAI Commodities Steering Group
Action area 6.3 Antimicrobial pharmacist posts
Action area 6.4 Additional cleaners

Annex A. HAI Task Force membership