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Improving Maternal and Infant Nutrition: A Framework for Action

DescriptionFramework for action which can be taken by NHS Boards, local authorities and others to improve the nutrition of pregnant women, babies and young children in Scotland.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJanuary 18, 2011


ISBN 978 0 7559 9884 5
DPPAS 11082

This document is also available in pdf format (750k)


Ministerial Foreword

Executive Summary

What is our Vision?
Who is the Framework for?
What will the Framework Cover?
What will the Framework not Cover?
Achieving Success and Measuring it

Chapter 1: Current policy context
Scottish Policy
UK Wide Policy
International Policy

Chapter 2: Why is Maternal and Infant Nutrition Important?
Food, Nutrition and Health
Maternal Nutrition and Foetal Growth and Development
Birth Weight and Height
Impact of Maternal Obesity on Health and Breastfeeding
Infant Feeding and Health
Infant Feeding and Growth
Introduction of Complementary Foods and Early Eating Habits

Chapter 3: What is Known about Maternal and Infant Nutrition in Scotland?
Women of Childbearing Age, During and After Pregnancy
Formula Feeding
Complementary Feeding and Early Eating Patterns

Chapter 4: Current activity across Scotland
Summary of Mapping Exercise
Maternal Nutrition
Nutrition of Children Under Five
Local Authority Activities
Community and Voluntary Sector Activities

Chapter 5: Process for Development of the Framework:
Strategy Group
Logic Model
Evidence Underpinning Activities
Generation of Outcomes and Activities

Chapter 6: Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
Indicators for Outcomes
Monitoring and Evaluation

Chapter 7: Action Plan for Implementation



Appendix 1: Membership of Framework Group
Appendix 2: Membership of Sub-Groups
Appendix 3: Healthy eating advice for pregnant and breastfeeding women
Appendix 4: NICE Public Health Guidance 11 research recommendations
Appendix 5: Indicators for outcomes