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Teaching Scotland's Future - Report of a review of teacher education in Scotland



I would like to thank all those groups and individuals who took the time to respond to one or more of the calls for evidence, or questionnaires issued by the Review or who took part in discussion forums or who met me personally to exchange views about the future of teacher education in Scotland.

I have been immensely gratified by the extent to which colleagues in the universities, local authorities, schools, professional bodies, the Scottish Government and the wider community have gone out of their way to provide advice, opinion and evidence to me or my team. Similarly, colleagues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, as well as some further afield, have shared their experiences of teacher education, providing interesting insights, ideas and encouragement. Sincere thanks are due to Young Scot and the Learning School in Shetland for their help in establishing the views of groups of young people in Scotland and abroad.

Ian Menter and colleagues at the University of Glasgow produced a very helpful Literature Review to unforgiving deadlines.

I am very grateful to Bernard McLeary and staff at Learning and Teaching Scotland for providing a base and other forms of direct support to the team and helping us ensure that a wide range of stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute to the Review.

HMIE's role in gathering evidence from local authorities to supplement that of the Review team is greatly appreciated, as was the report on initial teacher education which forms part of the evidence of the Review.

I am indebted to members of the Reference Group for the Review who bear no responsibility for the content of this report but have provided an excellent source of support and challenge throughout the period of the Review.

I would particularly like to thank the members of my team who, in the face of impossibly tight deadlines have supported me superbly throughout and without whom this would have been a much shorter and much poorer document.