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Development Delivery and Viability



2.1 The GVA secondees were briefed by the Deputy Director, Directorate for the Built Environment who leads on planning modernisation and investigating key aspects of development and infrastructure. The brief was to use the private sector contacts of GVA and to undertake as much face to face contact as possible throughout an information gathering period of November 2009 to March 2010. GVA engaged various different forms of approach to engage with the property sector.

2.2 The methodology conducted is detailed at Annex C:

2.3 As well as individual developers, local authorities and Government agencies/departments, the meetings included most of the key umbrella organisations in Scotland who deal with property and development related matters. This included Scottish Property Federation ( SPF), Homes for Scotland ( HfS), Scottish Builders Federation ( SBF), COSLA, Scottish Enterprise ( SE), and the Scottish Futures Trust ( SFT).

2.4 The next 6 sections set out the main issues identified and some suggested solutions.