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Development Delivery and Viability




1. Nov 2009 - March 2010 - Face to face meetings with more than 40 individuals or organisations involved in property, development and planning in both the private and public sectors. Telephone interviews, email and correspondence contact with key players in the market.


2. November, December 2009 and May 2010 - Checkpoint meetings with representatives of Scottish Property Federation and Homes for Scotland to conduct professional peer review

3. December 2009, March, May and June 2010 - Scottish Government Development and Infrastructure Partners' Group meetings chaired by the Deputy Director, Directorate for the Built Environment.

Gathering Good Practice

4. November 2009 - attendance at the panel group meeting of the Aberdeenshire Future Infrastructure Requirements for Services ( FIRS) team.


5. March 2010 Developer Agreements Good Practice Workshop, held in Stirling, on the details of " Circular 1/2010: Planning Agreements" and the key factors affecting developer contributions and Section 75 Agreements.

6. May 2010 - case comparison workshop on methods of development finance with English case studies being presented and discussed with Scottish practitioners.

7. May 2010 - workshop with Scottish and English practitioners to share best practice in development and infrastructure delivery.

Strategic Events

8. January 2010 - attendance at the 5 Administrations Meeting with national heads of planning from the UK and Ireland.

9. January 2010 - meeting with experts on finance and funding within the Scottish Government.

10. May 2010 - meeting with the SSCI team.

11. May 2010 - presentation to an SSCI learning event at Raploch Urban Regeneration Company.

12. June 2010 - the Planning and Economic Recovery Summit - presentation to John Swinney MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth and Stewart Stevenson MSP, then Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change.

13. July 2010 - Report back to the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth.