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Promoting Positive Outcomes: Working Together to Prevent Antisocial Behaviour in Scotland Volume 4: Annual Report to Parliament 2010

DescriptionPublication of the first Annual Report to Parliament on implementation of Promoting Positive Outcomes
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 30, 2010


Prevention • Integration • Engagement • Communication

ISBN 978 0 7559 9826 5 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 11044

This document is also available in pdf format (582k)




1. Introduction

2. The Structure of this Report

3. The Journey So Far
3.1 Developing and Sharing Knowledge
3.1.1 Knowledge Database
3.2 Supporting Practitioners, Partners and Communities
3.2.1 Safer Communities Programme
3.2.2 Evaluation Framework
3.2.3 Learning Sites
3.2.4 Community Engagement
3.2.5 Community Wellbeing Champions Initiative Pilots
3.2.6 Elected Member Involvement and Briefing
3.3 Developing and Communicating a Coherent Picture
3.3.1 Pro-Social Behaviour Pilot
3.3.2 Gathering Practice and Disseminating Knowledge
3.3.3 Safer Communities Scotland Awards

4. What Else is Happening?
4.1 Health Improvement
4.1.2. Equally Well
4.2 Violence Reduction
4.2.1 National ACPOS Anti-Violence Campaign
4.2.2 Violence Reduction Partnerships
4.2.3 'No Knives, Better Lives'
4.3 Prevention, Early Intervention and Diversion
4.3.1. Preventing Offending by Young People
4.3.1 CashBack for Communities
4.3.3 CCTV

5. The Next Stage of the Journey
5.1 Supporting Performance
5.2 Consultation
5.3 Additional Activities during 2010-11

6. Evaluating the Impact of the Framework

7. Equality Impact Assessment

Annex A Learning Sites
Annex B Community Wellbeing Champions' Initiative Pilots
Annex C Pro-Social Behaviour Pilots
Annex D Safer Communities Scotland Awards
Annex E What's Happening Elsewhere?