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Tackling Child Poverty in Scotland: Join the Debate

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateNovember 19, 2010


Your views can make a difference

ISBN 978 0 7559 9711 4
DPPAS 10824

This document is also available in pdf format (328k)


what is child poverty?
how will the new strategy help?
what's already being done to tackle child poverty in Scotland?
your views can make a difference

our vision is for a Scotland where no children are disadvantaged by poverty - and we're working hard to achieve it

Over the last 10 years, child poverty levels have fallen significantly. But with around 210,000 children in Scotland still living in poverty, more can and needs to be done. This is why the UK Child Poverty Act was passed, which commits governments across
the UK to end child poverty by 2020, and to be transparent about what they are doing to make this happen. Our new strategy will explain what the Scottish Government and its partners will do to tackle child poverty - and we'd like your help in developing this.

How you can help

This booklet provides a summary of what is being done to tackle child poverty in Scotland. By reading this booklet and telling us what you think of the work we're doing already, you can help us to make the new strategy even better. Simply answer the questions at the back of this booklet and return to us FREEPOST at the address given.