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The Road Ahead For Scotland: Final Report of the Inquiry Into Future Support For Agriculture In Scotland

DescriptionBrian Pack Inquiry into future support for Scottish agriculture
Official Print Publication DateNovember 2010
Website Publication DateNovember 03, 2010



ISBN 978 0 7559 9613 1 (Web only publication)
DPPAS 10655

This document is also available in pdf format (2.8Mb)



The Pack Inquiry Committee

Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 Remit of the Inquiry
1.2 Approach
1.2.1 Evidence gathering
1.2.2 Public consultation
1.2.3 Short-term recommendations
1.2.4 Modelling scenarios of changes to direct payments
1.2.5 Structure of the report

2. The changing context for agricultural support in Scotland
2.1 The evolution of the Common Agricultural Policy
2.1.1 From market intervention to direct support
2.1.2 From production support to producer support
2.1.3 From a clear agricultural focus towards agriculture and rural development
2.1.4 From maximising production to promoting sustainability
2.2 The emerging context for the post-2013 CAP
2.2.1 The emerging context for the post-2013 CAP : meeting the global challenges What are the global challenges? Agriculture has a role to play in meeting the challenges The global challenges and the changing relations between farmers and society
2.2.2 The emerging context for the post-2013 CAP : the budget A declining share of the EU budget Should the CAP be restructured? Distribution of the budget between the Pillars How Pillar 1 funds are distributed The share of the budget allocated to different Member States
2.3 Conclusion

3. Support for agriculture and rural development in Scotland today
3.1 Features of Scottish agriculture
3.2 The importance of agricultural support in Scotland
3.3 The current structure of agricultural support in Scotland
3.3.1 Pillar 1 payments Scotland's share of the Pillar 1 budget Single Farm Payment Scheme Scottish Beef Calf Scheme
3.3.2 Pillar 2 payments - The Scotland Rural Development Programme Rural Development Contracts Less Favoured Area Support Scheme LEADER
3.4 Issues with the current system of support payments
3.4.1 The use of the historic model makes direct payments increasingly
difficult to justify
3.4.2 Pillar 2 payments are unevenly distributed
3.4.3 There is an asymmetry between Pillars 1 and 2
3.4.4 The CAP budget in Scotland is extremely small
3.5 Conclusion

4. Support for agriculture in Scotland: where do we want to go?
4.1 Establishing a direction of travel
4.1.1 A Forward Strategy for Scottish Agriculture
4.1.2 The Scottish Government's vision for agriculture
4.1.3 Agriculture as part of the solution to the global challenges
4.1.4 Agriculture as contributing to sustainable economic growth
4.1.5 Responses to the Inquiry's consultations
4.2 Sketching out a direction of travel for Scottish agriculture

5. Support for agriculture in Scotland: how do we get there?
5.1 The structure of future support: the principle
5.1.1 The number of Pillars
5.1.2 The distribution of support between the Pillars
5.2 Distribution of direct payments within Scotland: the principle
5.3 Distribution of direct payments within Scotland: implementation
5.4 Towards a smarter system of distributing direct payments
5.4.1 An approach based on the LFA designation
5.4.2 Allocating direct payments on the basis of these categories Support for LFA farming Support for Non- LFA farming The conditions to be attached to direct payments The timing of change New entrants
5.4.3 Implementing the desired method of allocating direct payments
5.5 The future of the Less Favoured Area Support Scheme ( LFASS )
5.6 The future of the Scotland Rural Development Programme ( SRDP )
5.7 The Inquiry's perspective on market support
5.8 The role of the EU in administering CAP funds
5.9 Conclusion

6. The implications of a large reduction in funding for Scotland
6.1 Reduction in Pillar 2 funding
6.2 Reduction in Pillar 1 funding

7. Recommendations to the Scottish Government

Appendix: Assessment of the Impact of Pillar 1 Payment Scenarios on Farm Businesses