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Cycling Action Plan for Scotland


2. Introduction

Currently 1% of all journeys by Scottish residents are made by bicycle (Scottish Household Survey Travel Diary, 2008), and we would like to see this increased tenfold to 10% by 2020. Although this is an ambitious vision, we believe it is achievable. Around half the short journeys made (under 2 miles) are made by car; many of these could be switched to bike. This Action Plan aims to provide a framework to help create an environment which is attractive, accessible and safe for cycling.

The majority of this Action Plan is structured around the key issues that emerged from the Scottish Government consultations undertaken in 2008 and 2009, and the recent findings of the Transport, Infrastructure and Climate Change ( TICC) Committee.

We asked the people of Scotland what would encourage them to cycle more often; the analysis of those consultation responses has been published. The TICC Committee also consulted in 2009 as part of its inquiry into active travel. The Committee's subsequent report, published in March 2010, concluded that action was required on cycle training, planning, speed limits, infrastructure improvements, leadership and funding. Each of these areas is addressed in this Action Plan.