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The Teaching Qualification (Further Education) Candidate Satisfaction Survey 2009: Report of Findings


Background to and Purpose of the Survey & Report

This survey report provides data and some analysis of the views of TQFE candidates who commenced their TQFE programme between autumn 2006 and June 2009. It builds on, but is not always directly comparable to, an earlier similar survey carried out by the (then) Enterprise, Transport and Lifelong Learning Department of the Scottish Executive which sought the views of all candidates undertaking a TQFE during academic year 2001-02 3.

The original survey, published in 2003, aimed to capture candidate views on the effectiveness of TQFE programmes and the information gained was used by the TEIs at that time to identify areas for improvement. The usefulness of this exercise led to agreement on conducting follow-up surveys.

In 2008, the Lifelong Learning Directorate of Scottish Government, following discussion with TEIs, GTCS and with members of the strategic sectoral group the FE Professional Development Forum, decided to survey all candidates who had undertaken the TQFE programmes since 2006, after they were revised to incorporate the Professional Standards for Lecturers in Scotland's Colleges.

Unlike the original survey, therefore, the 2009 data includes both the views of candidates who had completed their TQFE course, as well as current participants. It also includes a minority (5%) from Stirling's pre-service TQFE programme (ie full time students not yet employed in a college).

Findings from this survey are published with a view to informing the sector on candidate views of TQFE programmes generally. The full list of questions and percentage responses is contained in Annex 2 at page 23.