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The Teaching Qualification (Further Education) Candidate Satisfaction Survey 2009: Report of Findings


Key Findings

  • 89% of respondents recommended their TQFE programme to others, comparing positively with the 76% figure from the original candidate survey conducted in 2001-02.
  • The satisfaction rate (which excludes neutral responses) remained above 70% for all questions and in many instances was well over 80%, indicating that, overall, candidates are very positive about their TQFE experience.
  • All questions relating to how well the TQFE programmes addressed the Professional Standards for Lecturers received an above 80% satisfaction rate.
  • Results indicate that the TQFE is having a positive effect on candidates' lecturing practice.
  • Where negative issues were raised these tended to be minor or affected only a very small proportion of candidates.
  • Scheduling of programmes and assignment deadlines has caused some difficulties for some candidates, particularly when viewed in the context of the competing ongoing demands of work and family commitments.
  • Contrasting views of online learning suggests additional evaluation may be required by candidates, colleges and TQFE providers, to assess whether this style of learning will suit individual candidates.
  • Many comments reflect a preference for more classroom practice and classroom management based learning.
  • The strength of feeling expressed by candidates in relation to their university and college mentors highlights the importance of these staff and their role in providing support and motivation to candidates, as well as in enhancing the effectiveness of TQFE programmes generally.