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Social Care Procurement Scotland: Guidance - Consultation Draft


Appendix 7. Scottish Government-- SPD--Procurement Capability Assessment 2009


High-Level Section Headings

1. Procurement Leadership & Governance

Is there clear direction from the top with clear support for getting best value in procurement? (12 questions)

2. Procurement Strategy And Objectives

Is there a clear, systematic, holistic and well-researched framework to guide the organisation's purchasing decisions? (9 questions)

3. Specification Of Goods And Services

Can the organisation demonstrate a prudent and well-planned approach to defining its supply needs? (7 questions)

4. Sourcing Strategies And Collaborative Procurement

Can the organisation demonstrate a clear understanding of how it can best satisfy its core supply needs? (21 questions)

5. Contract And Supplier Management

Does the organisation manage its suppliers and contracts effectively? (19 questions)

6. Key Purchasing Processes And Systems

Does the organisation have efficient and robust processes and systems to support advanced procurement activity? (13 questions)

7. People

Does the organisation have people with sufficient capability to ensure effective performance? (11 questions)

8. Performance Measurement

Does the organisation have a sound approach to assessing and demonstrating its procurement performance? (9 questions)