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Health Literacy - A Scoping Study: Final Report


ANNEX 4 - A Selection of Ongoing Initiatives in Scotland

1. Training on Literacy / Health Literacy

  • Awareness Training with NHS staff on literacy / health literacy funded through Adult Literacy initiatives
  • Improving the literacy and numeracy of the population (including the NHS workforce)
  • Development of learning pathways for improving literacy / health literacy
  • Referring patients to courses etc if have poor health literacy
  • Training Pack on Literacy awareness for the health sector
  • Improving Screening for low Literacy / low Health Literacy (including Keep Well)
  • Induction of NHS24 staff using the language that patients use
  • Publicity material and follow up in health clinics

2. Improving Communication

  • Development of communication and translation strategy by NHSHS
  • SBAR in patient safety (Start, Background, Assessment, Recommendation)
  • Emergency Care Survey
  • Service contracts on communications standards etc
  • Developing the Confidence of Patients

3. Improving Written Materials

  • User Testing of Written Materials
  • Personalising Information
  • More use of Visual Information

4. Improving Access to Services

  • Improving Referral pathways
  • DVD aimed at asylum seekers re access to services
  • Improving Links between Primary Care and the Voluntary Sector in Mental Health
  • Improving Access to Information

5. eHealth

  • Logging on to own personal record
  • Electronic record demo
  • NHS Scotland ELibrary
  • Health Information Plus portal
  • Project to have 'stories' available on USB pens etc

6. Knowledge Management

  • Consultation on 'Enabling Partnerships: Sharing Knowledge for a Mutual NHS', which covers social networking etc
  • Development of Knowledge Worker role
  • Information prescription, information therapy in Ayrshire and Arran

7. Management of Multiple Morbidities and Management of Long Term Conditions / Self Help for Well Being and Health

  • Programme of research on Living Well with Multiple Morbidities
  • Call for proposals by LTCAS on self management by voluntary sector
  • Focus groups on managing LTCs
  • Self help for Wellbeing and Health (particularly within Mental Health Improvement)