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Health Works: A Review of the Scottish Government's Healthy Working Lives Strategy



The main focus of the Healthy Working Lives strategy to date has been on the existing working-age population.

However, it is important that we ensure that the next generation of workers, those currently in education or training, are equipped to lead a safe and healthy working life.

The Health Promoting Schools approach aims to ensure that school children adopt healthy lifestyles from an early age that will contribute to a longer, healthier adulthood.

Schools also provide an opportunity to promote more specific messages on health and work to prepare young, future workers for what they can and should expect in the workplace in respect of provision for their wellbeing.

The Scottish Government has provided funding to support the STUC's 'A better way to work in Scotland'. This is a resource pack which includes a health and safety unit. As of June 2009, STUC representatives have made 100 visits to schools.

The SQA has developed a series of elective Skills for Work courses. These focus on generic skills for the workplace, linked to particular vocational areas such as hairdressing and construction.

The health and work unit will explore with the STUC, SQA and education colleagues the scope for further development of education resources to incorporate the latest advice on health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Action 20: Scottish Government to work with STUC, SQA, education colleagues and others to identify scope for developing health and work messages in education resources