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Health Works: A Review of the Scottish Government's Healthy Working Lives Strategy



The Health Works strategy aims to promote health and wellbeing equitably in the workplace and to help those with health barriers to return to or retain work. Implementation of the policy will have positive outcomes for people in the workplace and for those with health barriers to retaining or returning to work, irrespective of age, sex, race, religion or disability.

Individual employers are required to meet their own statutory obligations in terms of equality legislation. The Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives requires to ensure that the advice given to employers is sensitive to the composition of a given workforce, which may vary dependent on the nature and the location of the organisation.

It is recognised that an ageing workforce will present new challenges to both employers and to public services, particularly health. The updated policy will seek to take forward work to assess the need for changes to advice to employers and for the provision of health services to reflect these challenges.

The delivery of NHS services to support the ability of people to remain in or return to work must be delivered in accordance with each NHS Board's own equalities policies.

The full Equality Impact Assessment can be found at: www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/People/Equality/18507/EQIADetails/Q/Type/1/Id/329.