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Supporting Business and Enterprise - Taking forward our National Conversation


6 Conclusions

6.1. The Scottish Government's considered position is clear. Only independence allows Scotland the freedom to use the full remit of government to create a more successful country, with opportunities for all of Scotland to flourish, through increasing sustainable economic growth. Unlike other constitutional options Scotland would be an independent sovereign state with the capacity to shape and influence business and enterprise policy at the local, national and international level in a way that is currently not possible.

6.2. In moving forward, the Scottish Government would remain focused on fostering a supportive business environment and improving the competitiveness of businesses in Scotland. The aim would be to build on existing factors underpinning comparative business advantage. Improvements to the business environment would be focused on supporting innovation and entrepreneurship with a view to fostering improved growth and productivity in the Scottish economy.

How to participate in the National Conversation

6.3. We welcome on-going debate regarding the issues covered by this paper as part of our National Conversation. Comments on this paper and the related policy options can be made through the National Conversation website at www.anationalconversation.com. Responses can also be sent by post to:

Business Competitiveness Division
Business, Energy and Enterprise Directorate
Scottish Government
3rd Floor,
5 Atlantic Quay,
Glasgow, G2 8LU

6.4. You can also participate by attending National Conversation events. Details of these can be found on the National Conversation website.