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People and Communities: Taking forward our National Conversation


5 Conclusions

5.1. This paper has examined different constitutional options for Scotland relating to health, housing, children, law and order and social policy aspects of transport.

5.2. The achievements since devolution in these areas are both notable and varied, from the introduction of the smoking ban and an ambitious policy on homelessness.

5.3. However, without responsibility for the full range of policy levers, the Scottish Government will remain constrained in its ability to bring about further improvements in these areas, to further benefit the people of Scotland.

5.4. The current global economic downturn increases the challenges we face. It also illustrates that without responsibility for the full range of financial and economic levers in Scotland, the Scottish Government is restricted in what it can do to deal with these challenges.

5.5. The Scottish Government believes that only independence will enable Scotland to face these challenges head on, and to ensure continuous improvements in housing, support for our children, health and wellbeing, transport safety, and law and order.

How to participate in the National Conversation

5.6. We welcome ongoing discussions regarding these policies as part of our National Conversation. Comments on this report can be made through the National Conversation website at www.anationalconversation.com or email joinin@anationalconversation.com.

5.7. Responses can also be sent by post to:

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