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Research to Support Schools of Ambition: Annual Report 2009


Appendix 1: Key themes within Transformational Plans

Tranche One

Anderson High School

Building partnerships with other schools globally through themed curriculum development projects. Use of ICT to develop global learning through six interlinked projects with the theme of 'Living Locally, Learning Globally'.

Arbroath Academy

leadership development;
pupil and community confidence;
enterprising teaching and learning.

Barrhead High School

confidence and resilience;
attainment and achievement;

Blairgowrie High School

vocational education;
learning and teaching/ ICT;
leadership development

Braes High School

Building a strong and positive school ethos;
development of new technologies for learning;
enterprise and citizenship

Braeview Academy

developing opportunities to engage with the Arts;
developing a learning community;
developing leadership;
increasing confidence, aspiration and ambition.

Burnhouse School

school ethos/culture;
coaching and peer mentoring;
behaviour management;
restorative justice

Cardinal Newman High School

Cardinal Newman High School focuses on two strands: enhancing enterprise (in its widest definition) and expanding its vocational curriculum as part of the middle school programme.

Castlemilk High and St Margaret Mary's

teaching for effective learning;
curricular flexibility;
enhancing employability;
improving attendance.

Doon Academy Learning Partnership

Arts across the curriculum;
vocational learning (curricular flexibility);
curriculum enrichment ( PE/dance/drama);
emotional health.

Hawick High School

Hawick High School has four objectives: 1) raising girls' aspiration and motivation through the Girls of Ambition project; 2) using formative assessment to promote effective learning and, pupil attainment and achievement; 3) using ICT to enhance teaching and learning; 4) utilising the 'Heart of Hawick Regeneration' project to develop young people's self-esteem, motivation, sense of aspiration and a 'can do' culture.

Inverness High School

social enterprise;
vocational learning;

Islay High School

development of new curriculum structures;
learning and teaching/ ICT;
vocational education;
leadership, ethos/culture.

Kirkland High School

use of drama/performing arts to enhance learning and teaching to promote pupil confidence and opportunities;
promoting leadership for pupils and staff;
enhancing the image of the school in the community.

Newbattle Community High School

improved leadership skills and opportunities among pupils and staff;
strengthening the provision of Arts across the curriculum;
consolidating pupil support mechanisms
Cross-curricular sharing of good practice

Our Lady & St Patrick's High School

OLSP High School investigates the development of creative thinking through and across the curriculum to transform the attitudes (motivation, confidence, self-esteem) and qualities (citizenship, enterprise) of all pupils.

St Modan's RC High School

Curricular developments revolve around the Arts, culture and health

St Ninian's High School

St Ninian's High School has four strands: pupil motivation, confidence and self-esteem; formative assessment; modern languages development; and the use of ICT in school. It is seeking to change behaviour and attitudes, broaden ambitions of pupils and enhance pupil engagement. Good practice and innovation in Modern Languages are being used as a catalyst to support whole school developments.

St Paul's High School

effective pupil tracking;
learning beyond the classroom.

Wallace Hall Academy

restructuring the curriculum;
learning and teaching;
raising attainment and achievement;
ICT and e-learning

Tranche Two

Brechin High School

development of leadership capacity;
development of ICT and innovative approaches in the curriculum;
provision of vocational courses across the curriculum for S3-S6 pupils.

Castle Douglas

Castle Douglas has three main objectives: to expand vocational learning appropriate to the needs of individual learners; to enhance the range of ICT courses to equip pupils with skills appropriate to work and study skills for the 21 st century; and to develop ambition, self confidence and self esteem and entrepreneurial skills through enhanced art, music, drama and personal fitness provision.

Dunbar Grammar

The school intends to use participation in performing arts to develop pupil confidence, aspirations and give staff and pupils a shared sense of purpose and improve pupil engagement.

Fraserburgh Academy

There are three strands to the Fraserburgh Transformational Plan: promoting leadership and enterprise; challenge and support (self confidence, high expectations and personal responsibility); and the expansion of vocational opportunities.

Lossiemouth High

Lossiemouth is committed to: developing leadership capacity and opportunities for pupils and staff; the promotion of pupil-focused teaching and learning; and building a positive ethos and relationships in school.

Springburn Academy

The Transformational Plan at Springburn Academy is based on the following four strands: learning and teaching; raising the aspirations, ambitions and positive destinations of vulnerable young people; leadership development of staff and young people; and increasing parental involvement.

St Machar

The St. Machar Transformational Plan has the following objectives: to improve health and fitness activity levels of all pupils and staff with the aim of improving attainment and engagement with all aspects of school life; the development of pupil confidence, self-esteem and motivation through work on teaching and learning to raise attainment; and to develop further the school's ability to work with parents and the wider school community in Aberdeen City.

Tranche Three

Alford Academy

successful leadership;
effective learning experiences;
high quality professional development;
21st-century curriculum.

Alloa Academy, Alva Academy and Lornshill Academy

The transformational for three secondary schools - Alva, Alloa and Lornshill - focuses on the adoption and implementation of restorative practice in association with nationally-recognised training organisations and schools with previous experience in the use of such practice.


raising pupil ambitions;
enhancing the curriculum;
improving the health of pupils;
celebrating success (pupil reward system)

Carrick Academy

leadership, learning and community

Charleston Academy

improving health and well-being;
increasing community use of Charleston campus;
developing school ethos and promoting achievement;
promoting effective learning and teaching;
developing curriculum for excellence.

Gracemount High School

The Gracemount Transformational Plan has four strands: ethos for achievement (promoting confident individuals, ambition, high achievement and the determination to succeed); leadership and capacity development; promoting the effective use of ICT to enhance the learning experience, supporting learner independence and promoting successful learners; and pathway development to provide enhanced choice (a wider range of learning opportunities).

Kilsyth Academy

The Kilsyth Transformational Plan has three underpinning aims: the use of expressive arts and creativity to motivate the whole school community; the promotion of creative and active teaching and learning; and leadership development of both pupils and staff.

Kirkcaldy High School

Kilcaldy aims to develop the leadership skills and abilities and attitudes in staff, pupils and parents through: the development of leadership programmes; facilitation of leadership opportunities at every level in the school; the development of pupils as Ambassadors for the school; and the development of a coaching and mentoring programme for staff and pupils. There are four core themes to the plan: effective leadership, motivational environments, aspirational learning and enhanced collaboration.

Lanark Grammar School

staff and pupil development; ICT; communication and sharing good practice; rich tasks; pupil progression and decision making; and baseline performance and progress

Orkney: Kirkwall Grammar School, North Walls Community School, Pierowall Junior High School, Sanday Junior High School, Stromness Academy and Stronsay Junior High School

Enhancing Skills - maximise the impact of learning and leadership opportunities;
Transforming the curriculum- parity of curricular opportunity for all pupils in Orkney, enhanced e-learning opportunities;
Celebrating Success - e-recording of achievement.
Connecting with others - active participants in the global educational community.


The Transformational Plan addresses culture and ethos, learning and teaching, community engagement and leadership.

Renfrew High School

Renfrew High School's Transformational Plan has four strands: to develop Renfrew High School as a learning community; to enhance the use of ICT in the learning process; to develop the leadership of pupils and staff; and to develop the creative abilities of the pupils.

Rothesay Academy, Bute

improving attainment;
recognising wider achievement;
improving pupil support and engagement in learning;
pursuing excellence;

St Stephen's and Port Glasgow

strengthening leadership skills across the schools' communities;
maximising pupils' learning by raising confidence and self esteem;
improved well-being through health education and participation in sport, music, art and drama.

Taylor High School

The school will use technology in all aspects of learning and teaching using co-operative learning approaches for the benefit of all pupils.

The Nicolson Institute

Pupil confidence and self-esteem, school ethos, leadership and vocational education.