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On your marks ...Get set...Go: A games legacy for Scotland: Leaflet


on your marks...
get set...

sportscotland will invest £25.5m on specific elements of the legacy plan

15,000 Games-time volunteers

10,000 new homes

400,000 m 2 of business space

£1.5m already being invested by the Scottish Arts Council

£2bn of new investment in the major infrastructure projects for and around the 2014 Games

To find out more go to www.scotland.gov.uk/gameslegacy

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Making the most of the Games

In 2014 the Commonwealth Games will open in Glasgow. This will mark the start of 11 days of world-class sport and sporting achievement. Scotland, particularly Glasgow, will host up to 6500 athletes and officials from 71 Commonwealth countries and territories across 17 sports and will welcome many visitors and spectators. Glasgow 2014, and other major sporting events happening both in Scotland and in the UK between now and 2014, will bring a wealth of opportunities and are about far more than delivering world-class sport. They are about creating a lasting legacy for Scotland.

They are about making faster progress towards a healthier nation, developing healthy communities and a strong and flourishing economy. Above all, they are about making the whole of Scotland fit for the future and enhancing Scotland's reputation internationally.

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A legacy for everyone

For young people
Young people have played an important part in helping shape our vision for the future.

Young people will get the opportunity to continue to influence legacy building and to progress specific activity relevant to them.

Key partner organisations, such as Young Scot, YouthLink Scotland, Youth Scotland and the Scottish Youth Parliament, will ensure young people are linked to, and have opportunities to participate in, making decisions around legacy.

This will include a Young Ambassadors Programme within each local authority to support a small group of young people to act as peer educators.

Involving older people
Older people are also at the forefront of our minds. It is important that we give everyone the opportunity not only to live long, healthy lives, but also to have a good quality of life.

We will work with the organisers of the 8th World Congress on Active Ageing to be held in 2012 in Glasgow to drive forward initiatives which make it easier for older people across Scotland to be more active.

This includes "Walk with Me", a new buddying project to encourage older people to get out and about in their local community and "Senior Games Festivals" to give older people an opportunity to participate in a wide range of sports.

For communities
Hosting Glasgow 2014 provides an opportunity for bringing people across Scotland together. Communities will be able to decide for themselves how they want to be involved, particularly in becoming more physically active, and to build a legacy that is meaningful to them and to their community.

Between now and 2014, your local authority, along with their community planning partners, will develop their ideas for how they will maximise the opportunities that London 2012 and Glasgow 2014 will bring to your community.

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Hosting the Games will bring people across Scotland together

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Young people will be involved in creating a legacy for Scotland

Be more active

We want to inspire the people of Scotland to be more active and for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to take part in physical activity and sport. The Games offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get Scotland more active.

We will build on the wide range of health, sports and physical activity initiatives in place to create a movement which motivates the people of Scotland. There will be something for everyone, especially those who aren't already involved in sport and physical activities.

Look out for…

Community Sports Hubs
Join us in maximising the use of existing facilities - built or natural - and raise the profile of sport and physical activity at local community level.

Walk the Path to 2014
Ramblers Scotland is developing walking routes across Scotland.

Get Active
The Scottish Association for Mental Health has launched this programme for sport, physical activity and mental health.

Big Lottery Fund 2014 Communities programme
This offers small grants to support community legacy projects, particularly around sport or physical activity. £1.3m is allocated to 2010 and a further planned £5.5m to 2014. www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/prog_2014_communities

Active Scotland
Visit this website to find out how and where you can be active, from swimming to climbing, at www.activescotland.org.uk .

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Connect with others

The Games offer a massive potential to inspire, create and learn. Get involved, try something new, and develop and enhance friendships and relationships both in Scotland and across the Commonwealth. Be proud of our vibrant and culturally-rich and diverse nation.

Look out for…

In the classroom
International programmes such as Connecting classrooms will increase opportunities for young people to build lasting and meaningful links between Scotland and the Commonwealth through education programmes and by volunteering.

In the community
Become an active global citizen who values volunteering, diversity, community development and social action. Global Xchange is there to support young people in taking part in, and making a positive difference to, their communities.

With our culture
The Legacy Trust UK has already brought together a diverse range of cultural, sporting and educational activities that will leave a lasting legacy from London 2012.

Look out for Let's Get Scotland Dancing, a programme of dance activities aimed at motivating and inspiring people across Scotland to get dancing and celebrate this sporting and cultural extravaganza both during the Games and beyond.

With other countries
Local authorities and schools across Scotland will be encouraged to establish lasting and meaningful partnerships with schools and teams across the Commonwealth before, during and after the 2014 Games. A range of options exist through partners such as British Council Scotland, Learning Teaching Scotland and sportscotland.

By buddying across the Commonwealth
The programme aims to provide practical support to the families, friends and supporters of the athletes who come to both the 2012 and 2014 Games.

It will develop a genuine and lasting partnership between the families and communities from a number of Commonwealth countries, through Faith in the Community and, for example, the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations.

The Scottish participants will also have an opportunity to develop their skills and confidence through providing volunteering support to our Commonwealth friends and through computer literacy training from the University of the West of Scotland.

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Look out for Let's Get Scotland Dancing

Enjoy the environment

A sustainable Scotland further supports people's physical and mental health and protects and enhances Scotland's biodiversity and landscape for the future.

Look out for…

Regeneration of the east end of Glasgow
The east end of Glasgow will be boosted by new or improved sports facilities and the Games Village. Also the new and upgraded roads, public transport, parks and walkways will provide a lasting public infrastructure to support development and the growth of the area's economy.

Community forests
A network of Commonwealth Community forests in and around Glasgow. The forests will include species from across the Commonwealth and can be used as a community education facility. They will also offer a range of activities such as sculpture trails, tree stories and music workshops; walking, woodland workout, children's puzzle and dog activity trails; orienteering; and green routes to school.

The environment
We will use the environmental projects around the Games sites and Glasgow Clyde Valley Green Network to inspire people across Scotland to connect with the environment and adopt and enjoy new, more sustainable, healthy ways of living. This will include Glasgow's anti-litter campaign and improved pedestrian and cycle routes on the riverbank, whilst protecting wildlife and key habitats.

Greener Games
The 2014 Games have a number of green targets and we will encourage others to adopt these approaches to hosting other major events. This will include adoption of Low Emission Zones (these will be declared around all areas around venues/Village) and low or zero waste to landfill (contracting with suppliers to ensure that at least 80% of waste during the Games is diverted from landfill).

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Help Scotland flourish

We will make the most of the economic and social opportunities of the Games to help existing or potential Scottish businesses prosper, to improve their skills and workforce, to be more resilient and to apply for the wider public sector contracts worth £8bn.

Look out for…

Building business capacity
Through Scottish Enterprise and its partners, we will build the support available to Scottish businesses to make more of them fitter and better placed to compete on the international stage.

Business Club Scotland
Launched in February 2009 and funded by the Scottish Government through Event Scotland, this business-led initiative provides free membership to Scottish companies and points them to existing sources of information on contract opportunities from major international events and to business support organisations. Register at www.businessclubscotland.co.uk

Skills and employment
The Alliance of Sector Skills Councils in Scotland will work with partners to develop a strategic approach to identifying and addressing skills development issues for the successful delivery of the 2014 Games.

We will raise Scotland's profile internationally as a great place to live, visit, work, learn, invest and do business. As we move from the year of Homecoming in 2009, towards 2012 and Glasgow's Olympic City status 1, and through to the 2014 Games and the Ryder Cup, we will work to ensure that we continue to attract high-class and large-scale events to Scotland.

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We will raise Scotland's profile internationally as a great place to visit

Get involved… volunteer

There will be a wide range of opportunities to volunteer. This is over and above the 15,000 Games-time volunteers that will be drawn from across Scotland to help stage Glasgow 2014.

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Games-time volunteers
London 2012 will need around 70,000 volunteers to help stage the Games both in London and other venues around the UK (including Hampden Park, Glasgow). Glasgow 2014 will need around 15,000 volunteers.

If you would like to become a volunteer at Glasgow 2014, register your interest at www.glasgow2014.com/Getting+Involved . To volunteer at London 2012, register online at www.london2012.com/get-involved/volunteering

Other volunteering opportunities
There will be other opportunities for volunteering before and after the Games through which we want to create a lasting legacy.

It can provide individuals with career development opportunities skills enhancement and fulfilling roles in their communities.

We are working with a range of partners - Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations, Volunteer Development Scotland and others - to consider how we can support formal and informal volunteering opportunities for different sections of the population, ranging from children to over 55s, and from new graduates to the long-term unemployed. This will include New Deal opportunities and tailored volunteering experiences which might include supporting the physical activity programme and other legacy programmes.

It will also include looking at ways to develop and deliver a pre-volunteering training programme aimed at helping unemployed people or those who have few or no qualifications by providing them with a stepping stone into work, further employment or volunteering.

For more information and updates on volunteering opportunities, visit our websitewww.scotland.gov.uk/gameslegacy

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There will be many opportunities to get involved

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