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Use and Understanding of the Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification



6053 Scottish Government - Urban Rural Classification

Topic Guide

The following question areas have been developed to provide a framework for discussion. All relevant topic areas should be discussed and covered at some stage during the group session, but should be addressed in such a way that facilitates a relaxed and natural flow of conversation.

Introduction to the research

Thank respondents for participating in online survey and for agreeing to be recontacted. Reassure respondents that all views will be confidential and anonymous. Findings will be reported in aggregate form only. Explain that we are interested in following on from their initial questionnaire submissions.

Refer to online questionnaire and code frames developed from this. This should form basis of discussion

Background information & recap from online questionnaire

Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification

  • (Users) Why use and what for? If used, what is the frequency of use (online questionnaire had broad bands but does once a week mean it is used in one table once a week or are geographical distinctions at the core of their work?). Explore any benefits / limitations referred to
  • (Non-Users) Why not used; what is preferred to Urban Rural Classification and why
  • Fit with other classifications used; fit with UK wide analysis if required

Other Classifications used

  • Why use and what for? Explore any benefits / limitations referred to
  • Fit with other classifications used; fit with UK wide analysis if required

Potential changes to Urban Rural Classification

  • There is no plan to alter the fundamentals (i.e. the methodology and basic definitions) of the classification. Hypothetically, what adaptations/additions, if any, could / should be made to Urban Rural Classification to address business needs and increase usage for a) respondent; b) others
  • What business needs could be met by making these adjustments? [Particularly probe for details re: UK-wide analysis]


  • How did respondent first hear about Urban Rural Classification; what type(s) of information are they provided with;
  • (where provided with information) how regularly are they provided with information; how well does information provided fit with informational needs
  • What information would respondents like to have provided on SG Urban Rural Classification;
  • (Analyst Users) Are respondents actually interested in how classification is linked to their data. The QR for analysts assumed that they are personally responsible for combining the U-R dataset with others but maybe they have dataset where it has already been added as a variable by others.
  • What informational channels are preferred e.g. email / direct mail / other and why. Have they heard of ScotStat? - Would this be a good medium for the dissemination of Urban Rural Classification news and related issues?
  • Do they know who they could contact if they have any problems/queries with using the classification?

Any other comments