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Food Security: The Role for the Scottish Government in Ensuring Continuity of Food Supply to And Within Scotland and Access to Affordable Food

DescriptionThis report summarises the discussion that took place at the Think Tank on Food Security held by the Scottish Government. The think tank focused on both the internal and external factors affecting food security in Scotland. Issues discussed include global challenges affecting Scotland’s food security and how Scotland should respond to these and also on issues around domestic production, supply and access to food.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 26, 2009


Report from a Think Tank held on 3-4 th March 2009

ISBN 978 0 7559 9051 1 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (332k)

This document contains the views of the particular experts who participated in the Think Tank. It should not be assumed that their perspectives would necessarily be shared by others with the same areas of expertise, or that the views expressed reflect those of the Directorate or Scottish Ministers

The Scottish Government
Rural and Environment Research and Analysis Directorate


SECTION 1 Executive Summary

SECTION 2 Background to Think Tank
2.1 Policy Context
2.2 Think Tank Participants
2.3 Think Tank Programme

SECTION 3 Participants' views of key food security issues

SECTION 4 Report of the Main Discussion
4.1 What is Food Security?
4.2 External Factors and Scotland's Food Security
The impact of global trends
Increasing demand for food
Water supply pressures
The climate change challenge
Future food production
Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
Global commodity prices
The role of the EU
4.3 Internal factors and Scotland's food security
Distinguishing features of Scotland's food security
Scotland's trade in food
Land use
Food Sectors
4.4 Interdependence of Energy Security and Food Security
Fossil fuel use in agriculture
Renewable energy options
Oil prices
Energy use beyond farmgate
4.5 Resilience of the Food Supply Chains
Short term disruptions
The role of government
The role of industry
Household risk management
4.6 Household food security
Retail provision
Transport provision
Food Waste
Grow your own
Food Affordability

SECTION 5 Suggestions for Policy Development

ANNEX A - Presentations
A1 Global food security and its importance for Scotland
A2 Overview of Scotland's productive capacity
A3 Household food security in Scotland: access and affordability

ANNEX B - Further Reading
ANNEX C - Glossary
ANNEX D - Challenge Questions
ANNEX E - Participant Profiles