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Healthcare Support Workers in Scotland: Evaluation of a National Pilot of Standards and Listing in Three NHS Boards



NHS Ayrshire & Arran Local Pilot Implementation Group

Anne Fairlie

Head of Practice Development (Chair)

Sarah Barbour

Local Pilot Coordinator

Mary-Anne Black

Human Resources Advisor

David Black

Vocational Learning Manager

Anne Marie Brown

Domestic Manager - Crosshouse Hospital

Kerry Cassidy

Occupational Therapy Manager

Jean Davies

Senior Paediatric Nurse

Isabella Dickie

Hotel Services Manager - Ailsa Hospital

Owen Jones

Senior Biomedical Scientist/Partnership Rep

Lorna Kenmuir

Head of Organisational Development

Jane Kerr

Speech & Language Manager

Alison McDonald

Physiotherapy Manager

John McGuire

Patient Services Manager - Mental Health

Gordon McKay

Partnership Representative/ UNISON

Fiona Orr

Superintendent Radiographer

Ian Smith

Directorate Coordinator - Paediatrics

Eleanor Watson

Nurse Bank Manager

Anna Wimberley

National Project Manager, NHSQIS

NHS Lothian Local Pilot Implementation Group

Mary Parkhouse

Head of Continuous Professional and Practice Development (Chair)

Maggie Byers

Lead Practitioner Non-registered workforce

(Neil Murray to April 08)
Kenny Brown

Local Pilot Coordinator

Eddie Egan

Employee Director

Mick McGahey

Unison Steward

Helen Holden

SVQ Coordinator Allied Health Professions

Tracy Stewart

Human Resources Manager

Rosemary Rae

Interim Head of Therapies - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

Lesley Thomson

Nurse Bank Senior Manager

David Lee

Associate Director, Workforce & Development

Keith Mackenzie

Domestic Services Manager - Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Peter Campbell

Clinical Nurse Manager (Children's services)

Gail Robertson

Speech Therapy - Royal Hospital for Sick Children

Graham Patterson

Deputy Portering Manager - Western General Hospital

Susan Tennyson

Royal Edinburgh Redevelopment

Shirley Duffy

Healthcare support worker - Children's services

Gerry Freedman

Service User - Mental Health Services

Anna Wimberley

National Project Manager, NHSQIS

NHS Lanarkshire Local Pilot Implementation Group

Karen Alexis

Clinical Support Worker, Older People Directorate

Anne Carlin/ Audrey Arbuckle

Bankaide, NHS Lanarkshire

Marie Cerinus

Associate Director of Practice Development for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions

Margo Cranmer

Staffside Representative, UNISON

Lorraine Ferguson

Local Pilot Coordinator, NHS Lanarkshire

Maxine Kinnoch

Support Worker Development Manager and Higher National Certificate Coordinator, NHS Lanarkshire (Chair)

Elspeth Martin

Head of Employment Services, NHS Lanarkshire

Peter McCrossan

Associate Director of Allied Health Professions

Patricia Anne Murphy

Clinical Nurse Manager, Older People Service, NHS Lanarkshire

Karen Robertson

Associate Director of Nursing, NHS Lanarkshire

Mary Samson

Staff-side Representative, UNISON

Eddie Sutherland

Senior Nurse, Old Age Psychiatry

Maureen Taggart

Service Development Manager, Long Term Conditions, NHS Lanarkshire

Ruth Thompson

Assistant Director of Nursing, Emergency and Medical Services, NHS Lanarkshire

Anna Wimberley

National Project Manager, NHSQIS

National Management Group

Sarah Barbour

Local Pilot Coordinator, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Kenny Brown

Local Pilot Coordinator, NHS Lothian

Lorraine Ferguson

Local Pilot Coordinator, NHS Lanarkshire

Anna Wimberley

National Project Manager, NHSQIS