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Chief Scientist Office Annual Report, 2007-2008




Dr I Johannessen, Dr S Talbot, Professor D Crawford ( CZB/4/521)
Targeting influenza A H5N1-infected cells using novel antibody targets and 't bodies'
£224,510 over 1 year

Dr P De Sousa, Dr M Head, Dr M Turner, Professor J Manson ( CZB/4/588)
Proof of principle validation of a human embryo stem cell based screen for susceptibility to infections prion transmission
£125,438 over 18 months

Dr R Reynolds, Dr A Drake, Professor J Seckl, Professor K Godfrey, Dr K Lillycrop, Professor C Cooper ( CZB/4/582)
Epigenetic modification of glucocorticoid receptors by early life events
£103,532 over 1 year

Professor T Sethi, Dr P Hodkinson, Professor S Howie, Dr W Wallace, Dr L Williams ( CZB/4/504)
The role of CD45 as a novel prognostic marker of survival and treatment response in patients with small cell lung cancer
£203,495 over 2 years

Dr E Nimmo, Professor J Satsangi, Professor M Dunlop,
Dr S Farrington, Dr M Aldhous, Dr S Guichard ( CZB/4/585)
Genetic and functional investigations of the Nod2/ CARD15 interacting proteins vimentin and ERG1 in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
£207,603 over 3 years

Professor S Barnett, Miss L Clark, Mr D Allan, Dr J Riddell ( CZB/4/592)
Characterisation of olfactory glial and stem cells from human olfactory mucosa
£220,226 over 30 months

Dr W Carman, Dr S Cameron, Dr J Kean ( CZB/4/591)
Developing antibody avidity assays to differentiate acute and chronic infection
£79,573 over 18 months

Professor A Riches, Professor C Herrington, Professor K Dholakia, Mr C Goodman, Mr S Kata ( CZB/4/571)
Development of a non-invasive screening method for bladder cancer using a novel photonic technique
£209,214 over 2 years (funding is for one year in the first instance, with subsequent funding dependant on progress)

Dr R Al-Jamal, Professor D Harrison, Professor T Sethi ( CZB/4/602)
The role of B1 integrin in lung repair
£243,146 over 3 years

Dr S Miller, Prof J Connell, Prof G Gould ( CZB/4/445)
Translational analysis of the role of synaptotagmins in the adipocyte, and their relationship to insulin action
£215,791 over 3 years
Dr S Powis, Dr K Morley ( CZB/4/562)
Investigation of misfolded HLA-B27 molecules from patient-isolated leucocytes and dendritic cells as a novel biomarker for inflammatory arthritis
£198,026 over 2 years
Dr K Oldroyd, Dr C Berry, Dr R McGeoch, Professor I Ford, Professor H Dargie ( CZB/4/572)
Quantifying myocardial no-reflow in patients with STEMI
£203,846 over 2 years
Professor K Lees, Professor I Ford, Dr K Muir, Dr P Langhorne, Dr T Quinn, Dr C Weir, Dr M Walters, Dr J Dawson ( CZB/4/595)
Central adjudication of modified rankin scale disability assessments in acute stroke
£211,992 over 18 months
Dr P Martin, Professor D Flint, Dr C Wright ( CZB/4/606)
The impact of connexin mimetic peptides and cellular environment on wound healing rates in organotypic living skin equivalents
£223,327 over 2 years
Professor J Fowkes ( CZB/4/609)
Cochrane collaboration review group on peripheral vascular diseases 2007
£321,101 over 32 months
Professor N Sattar, Professor C Packard, Dr F Dunn, Professor R Holman, Professor I Ford, Professor S Cobbe, Dr M Fisher, Professor J McMurray ( CZB/4/613)
Effect of metformin on progression of carotid atherosclerosis in non-diabetic patients with cardiovascular disease optimally treated with conventional risk reducing agents
£384,901 over 3 years
Health Services Research Committee
Professor M McMurdo, Dr M Witham, Professor A Struthers, Professor D Johnston, Professor C Lang ( CZH/4/426)
A randomised controlled trial of the effect of exercise training on exercise capacity in older patients with heart failure
£217,428 over 3 years
Professor M McMurdo, Professor D Johnston, Professor P Boyle, Dr P Donnan, Dr F Sniehotta ( CZH/4/463)
A randomised controlled trial of the effectiveness of pedometers plus systematic advice to increase physical activity levels in sedentary older women
£218,056 over 27 months
Dr J Tucker, Professor J Farmer, Dr N Smith, Ms A Fitzmaurice, Ms T Humphrey, Dr R Powell ( CZH/4/414)
Psychological wellbeing and social support in hospitalised women in the perinatal period: a prospective urban/rural comparison
£105,321 over 21 months
Dr S Turner, Dr S Mukhopadhyay, Dr C Palmer, Professor J Ayres, Dr A Mehta, Dr T McFarlane ( CZH/4/418)
Establishing a database to study gene-environment interactions and pharmacogenomics for asthma among Scottish children
£225,000 over 2 years
Dr R O'Connor, Professor M Williams, Dr G Masterton, Dr R Smyth ( CZH/4/449)
The role of psychological factors in predicting short-term outcome following suicidal behaviour
£223,998 over 3 years
Dr H Cheyne, Professor L Dalgleish, Professor C Niven, Dr J Tucker, Dr A Shetty, Ms S McLeod ( CZH/4/417)
Decision to transfer: risk assessment and decision making in labour in remote and rural settings
£100,575 over 20 months
Dr C Matheson, Professor C Bond, Professor A Lee, Dr B Davidson, Mr A Johnstone, Mrs L Skea ( CZH/4/421)
A cluster randomised controlled trial of enhanced pharmacy services for methadone patients
£184,003 over 2 years
Dr R Robertson, Dr J MacLeod, Dr M Hickman ( CZH/4/440)
Life course predictors and consequences of injecting drug use: a population-based case-control study
£207,662 over 2 years
Professor A Sheikh, Professor S Cunningham-Burley, Dr A Worth ( CZH/4/429)
Developing strategies for effective self-management of anaphylaxis in adolescents: in-depth qualitative study of adolescent and parental perceptions of risk, self-management and support needs
£121,762 over 15 months
Dr F Sniehotta, Professor J Speakman, Dr V Araujo-Soares ( CZH/4/458)
Tackling the obesity problem at an early stage: modifiable determinants of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in Scottish primary school children
£76,524 over 15 months
Professor S Cobbe, Dr C Jackson, Dr R Myles, Dr M Petrie, Professor J McMurray, Professor J Pell ( CZH/4/439)
Microvolt t-wave alternans in chronic heart failure: a study of prevalence and incremental prognostic value
£201,384 over 2 years
Mrs M Maxwell, Dr R Martinez, Mr S Naji, Dr P Watson, Dr C Burton, Professor J Morrison, Dr C Williams ( CZH/4/462)
Pilot study of a practice nurse supported psychological self-help intervention for patients with diabetes or coronary heart disease and co-morbid depression
£116,418 over 1 year
Professor P Davey, Dr J Reilly, Dr G Orange, Dr M Phillips, Professor M Schumacher, Mr B Cooper, Professor M Chalkley, Dr J Evans ( CZH/4/466)
Longitudinal analysis of bacteraemia caused by Staphyloccocus aureus: impact on economic costs and patient outcomes
£89,303 over 1 year
Professor J Reilly, Dr M Pearce, Dr L Basterfield, Dr K Parkinson, Dr A Adamson, Professor C Wright ( CZH/4/484)
Role of physical activity and sedentary behaviour in the development of childhood obesity in a socio-economically deprived cohort of contemporary children: longitudinal study
£220,302 over 21 months
HSRC Small Grants
Professor J Norman, Ms E Shanks, Dr J Chalmers ( CZG/2/285)
Temporal trends and outcomes associated with obstetric causes of preterm birth in Scotland
£8,049 over 6 months
Professor A Sheikh, Dr A Worth, Dr U Nurmatov ( CZG/2/296)
Anaphylaxis Management Plans ( AMP) for children and adults in the community in the UK: a systematic review and e-Delphi study
£39,997 over 6 months
Professor A Sheikh, Dr S Cunningham, Dr H Rhodes, Dr G Menon, Dr F Denison, Dr C Anandan ( CZG/2/277)
Investigating the effectiveness of primary prevention strategies using hydrolysed milk formula and probitotic supplements to prevent allergic disease in high risk infants: pilot factorial randomised controlled trial
£39,574 over 1 year
Dr B McKinstry, Dr P Watson ( CZG/2/299)
Descriptive and comparative study of patients' recall of the content of face to face and telephone consultations: a pilot study
£39,998 over 1 year
Dr J Rattray, Dr E Myers, Mrs C Johnstone, Professor R Ludwick, Dr W Lauder ( CZG/2/289)
Indicators of acute deterioration in adult patients nursed in acute wards: what determines nurses' decisions?
£18,280 over 7 months
Professor P Davey, Ms L Scahill, Dr C Marwick, Professor MET McMurdo ( CZG/2/251)
Pilot study for a cluster randomised controlled trial of a prescribing intervention to reduce risk of hospital acquired infection with Clostridium difficile in older inpatients
£18,250 over 1 year
Dr V Riordan, Dr C Stark ( CZG/2/286)
Perinatal circumstances and family composition in a birth cohort and risk of psychiatric morbidity and suicidal behaviour in later life
Support for 1 year through CSO funding to ISD
Dr M Gunning, Professor L Murray, Mr R Rush ( CZG/2/294)
A longitudinal analysis of the effects of infant self-regulation, early mother-infant interaction and attachment security on externalising behaviour problems at age 5
£16,093 over 1 year
Dr S Treweek, Professor N Pitts, Dr D Bonetti, Miss C Jones, Dr I Ricketts, Professor M Johnston, Professor M Eccles, Professor F Sullivan, ( CZG/2/333)
A web-based platform to support the development, delivery, modelling and evaluation of complex interventions: Intervention Modelling Experiments ( IMEs)
£49,995 over 6 months
Dr S Bhattacharya, Professor A Lee, Professor S Bhattacharya( CZG/2/283)
Reproductive outcome following ectopic pregnancy
£47,040 over 1 year
Dr MA Crilly, Dr G Hillis, Professor A Lee, Dr D Williams ( CZG/2/318)
Clinical utility of pulse wave analysis ( PWA) using applanation tonometry at the radial artery to determine both the presence of coronary artery disease ( CAD) and predict future cardiovascular prognosis: a prospective diagnostic-prognostic accuracy study
£50,000 over 1 year
Ms J Bell, Professor S Bhattacharya, Dr J Tucker, Dr D Campbell ( CZG/2/307)
An investigation of the relationship between obesity, twinning rates and perinatal outcomes in Grampian
£23,650 over 1 year
Professor G Raab, Dr JM Davis, Professor L Elliot, Ms H Storkey, Ms M Henderson, Ms A Burston ( CZG/2/313)
Short term evaluation of the Zero Tolerance Respect package in Midlothian primary schools, a randomised controlled trial
£24,566 over 1 year
Dr E Ferguson, Ms E Shanks, Dr J Chalmers, Professor J Norman ( CZG/2/292)
Investigation of the beneficial and adverse effects of induction of labour
£8,048 over 6 months
Professor A Sheikh, Dr C Burton, Ms T Irshad ( CZG/2/326)
Understanding the experiences of diagnostic testing for people with perceived allergic problems: an exploratory qualitative study
£40,956 over 6 months
Dr K MacIntyre, Dr M Shepherd, Dr J Lewsey, Professor A Briggs, Dr M Gillies ( CZG/2/345)

A pilot study to examine the epidemiology of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD) in Scotland
£45,206 over 1 year
Dr J Evans, Mr S MacGillivry, Dr A Kirk, Professor I Crombie ( CZG/2/309)

Tracking of physical activity behaviours during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood: a systematic review
£38,043 over 5 months
Professor M Bloor, Ms M Gannon, Dr N McKeganey ( CZG/2/332)

Feasibility study for a further data collection sweep for the Drug Outcomes Research In Scotland ( DORIS) study
£31,550 over 4 months
Dr K Fairhurst, Ms L Hanna, Professor C May ( CZG/2/3240

Non face to face consultations and communications in general practice: the role and perspective of practice managers
£46,780 over 6 months
Dr B McKinstry, Dr H Hewitt ( CZG/2/330)
An exploration of differences between face to face and telephone consulting, focussing on topic management and the introduction and uptake of problems
£49,228 over 1 year
Professor A Sheikh, Dr C Anandan ( CZG/2/339)
Assessing the effectiveness of Omega 3 and 6 oils for the primary prevention of eczema, allergic rhinitis and asthma in children and adults: systematic review and meta-analysis
£49,899 over 9 months
Dr A Gillespie, Dr B O'Neill ( CZG/2/319)
Developing assistive technology for cognition: a device to guide performance of behavioural sequences
£49,096 over 7 months
Professor S Bhattacharya, Dr M Rajkhowa, Dr A Harrold, Dr H Lyall, Dr J Kurinczuk, Ms K Harrild, Dr G Scotland ( CZG/2/361)
Clinical and cost-effectiveness of elective single embryo versus double embryo transfer policy in assisted reproduction
£45,638 over 1 year
Dr J Evans, Professor I Crombie, Mr R Flynn, Ms G Libby ( CZG/2/338)
A pilot study to investigate drug prescribing among pregnant women in Tayside, Scotland
£29,115 over 6 months
Dr C Matheson, Dr E van Teijlingen, Professor C Bond ( CZG/2/320)
Management of drug misuse in primary care: a seven-year follow-up survey of Scottish general practitioners
£24,749 over 7 months
Professor M Lean, Professor A Crozier ( CZG/2/360)
Reducing false-positives in the HVA assay for the diagnosis of catecholamine-secreting tumours: possible dietary interference
£49,046 over 1 year
Dr D Brewster ( CZG/2/352)
Risk of skin cancer following phototherapy for neonatal jaundice: population-based retrospective cohort study
£18,118 over 1 year
Dr M Jones, Professor M Johnston, Dr S Joice ( CZG/2/317)
Can adherence to a stroke workbook intervention be enhanced if delivered to patients by health professionals in a stroke unit setting?: a feasibility study

£30,849 over 1 year