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Overview of Costs and Benefits Associated with Regulation in Scottish Agriculture

DescriptionResearch providing an overview of the regulations in Scottish agriculture and exploring 12 case studies in further detail.
Official Print Publication DateFebruary 2009
Website Publication DateFebruary 20, 2009


Including elements of SNIFFER Project ER02: Measuring the Administrative Burden of Environmental Regulation in the Agricultural Sector

Final Report

Date: 16/12/08
Prepared for: Scottish Government/ SNIFFER
Contract No: CR/2007/41 - ER02

Prepared by:

SAC Commercial Ltd
Land Economy
Kings Buildings
Edinburgh, EH9 3JG

Pareto Consulting
29 Redford Avenue
EH13 0BX

Report prepared by:
Michael MacLeod a, Andrew Moxey b, Caroline McBain a, Kev Bevan a, Julian Bell a, Bouda Vosough Ahmadi a and Sue Evans c

b Pareto Consulting
c Sue Evans Research

ISBN 978 0 7559 1922 2(Web only publication)

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Executive Summary

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Rationale for policy intervention in agriculture
1.3 Instrument choice & design
1.4 Compliance costs
1.5 Scope of report

2. Overview of the assessment of cost and benefits of regulation and an assessment of the potential application of the Standard Cost Model in Scotland
2.1 Assessing the costs and benefits of regulation
2.2 Evaluation of the Standard Cost Model ( SCM) and its potential application to agriculture in Scotland
2.3 Conclusions

3. The costs and benefits associated with key regulations in Scottish agriculture and with specified environmental regulations
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Findings in brief
3.3 Conclusions

4.Best practice in the implementation of regulations in agriculture in other countries
4.1 Performance of the overall regulatory environment
4.2. Regulation of agriculture
4.3 Comparison of the regulation of agriculture in Scotland with New Zealand and Denmark



Appendix A Interim list of regulations

Appendix B Case Studies of regulation in Scotland
1. Scottish Statutory Instruments 2004 No. 518 The Common Agricultural Policy Schemes (Cross-Compliance) (Scotland) Regulations 2004
2. Scottish Statutory Instruments 2005 No. 225 The Land Management Contracts (Menu Scheme) (Scotland) Regulations 2005
3. SSI 2005 No. 348 Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Regulations 2005
4. Scottish Statutory Instrument 2003 No. 51 The Action Programme for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (Scotland) Regulations 2003
5. SSI 2000 No. 323 The Pollution Prevention and Control (Scotland) Regulations 2000
6. The Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry & Agricultural Fuel Oil) (Scotland) Regulations 2001, 2003
7. Statutory Instrument 1989 No. 1263 The Sludge (Use in Agriculture) Regulations 1989
8. Disposal of fallen livestock under The Animal By-Products (Scotland) Regulations 2003 ( SSI 2003/411)
9. Scottish Statutory Instruments 2007 No. 559 The Sheep and Goats (Identification and Traceability) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2007
10. Scottish Statutory Instrument 2007 No. 147 The Tuberculosis (Scotland) Order 2007
11. Scottish Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 530 The TSE (Scotland) Regulations 2006
12. Scottish Statutory Instrument 2006 No. 606 The Welfare of Animals (Transport) (Scotland) Regulations 2006

Appendix C: Regulation in New Zealand

Appendix D: Large figures and tables

The authors would like to acknowledge the help of the following organisations in producing this report: Scottish Government; SNIFFER and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency; Scottish Natural Heritage; SAC; National Farmers' Union Scotland; Scottish Rural Property and Business Association; Scottish Crofting Federation; Scottish Tenant Farmers' Association; National Sheep Association; Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals; Compassion In World Farming; DairyCo; Scotbeef; Welsh Country Foods; Armstrong Hauliers; National Fallen Stock Company.