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Good Places, Better Health: A New approach to the Environment and Health in Scotland: Implementation Plan



This Implementation Plan takes a bold and innovative approach to policy. It follows an announcement in 2005 which established the intention to create a Strategic Framework for Environment and Health in Scotland. Led by health interests in collaboration with a range of policy interests across the Scottish Government, this work has created a blueprint for a truly cross-cutting initiative of public health significance. It complements a range of Scottish Government policy aspirations including sustainability, climate change, environmental justice and successful, safe, effective communities. The work has attracted interest and support within Scotland and within the wider EU. Academics, practitioners and policy makers now show broad consensus around the nature of the environmental health challenge for western countries but Scotland is being recognised as a country taking an innovative approach to meet these challenges.

"We welcome this initiative by the Scottish Government. It takes a new approach to presenting the relationship between environment and human health and wellbeing. Importantly, Good Places, Better Health focuses on gathering the best available evidence and linking this to policy. Of particular relevance is its 'system-based' rationale for action and attempts to reduce health inequities and the links with other governmental strategies related to this domain."

"Creating places that are safe and truly promote good health and greater equity in health is a huge challenge for all governments everywhere in Europe. Scotland is adopting an imaginative but very practical approach and we look forward to learning more as the initiative rolls out."

Dr Erio Ziglio, Head of WHO European Office for Investment for Health and Development
Dr Lucianne Licari, Regional Adviser, Partnerships and Communication Unit, WHO Europe