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Preparing Scotland: Scottish Guidance on Preparing for Emergencies


3. Integration of STAC in Scotland's response structures

3.1 The diagram above summarises the integration of the STAC for specific emergencies as part of the full Strategic Co-ordinating Group activity at strategic and tactical level and linked to Scottish and UK national arrangements.

3.2 The STAC operates as an advisory group at tactical level. Its focus is to provide practical advice on public health, environmental, scientific and technical issues to those responsible for mounting and co-ordinating the response to an emergency. It will therefore advise on strategy to any strategic level co-ordinating group and on matters of detail to other tactical level groups.

3.3 The STAC may link with other structures at the Scottish and UK national levels as well as advising local area strategic and tactical co-ordinating groups. Communication with national and local strategic levels will usually be through the STAC Chair.

3.4 In the case where a lower level of co-ordination is activated, and a separate STAC group is convened 2, the STAC will advise the main multi-agency co-ordinating group through the STAC Chair.

3.5 More details on integration of STAC with UK, Scottish and local area levels in specific response arrangements, including for pandemic flu, can be found in Section 4, Chapters 1 and 2 of Preparing Scotland3. Details of the integration of STAC arrangements in counter terrorism/ CBRNE response structures are in the Preparing Scotland - Development of a Site Clearance Capability in Scotland4 guidance.

3.6 A STAC can be activated or remain in place to advise the response co-ordinating group/s in the later or recovery phase of an emergency. The composition of the STAC may change as the response progresses and the agenda and requirements of the co-ordinating group/s change.