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Scottish Annual Business Statistics 2006

Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateAugust 28, 2008



Scottish Annual Business Statistics for 2006 are released today. The statistics provide financial data for businesses in Scotland.

Scottish Annual Business Statistics includes detailed data on employees, turnover, gross value added, labour costs and other financial data. Data is shown by industry sector, local authority area and ownership. The figures are based on corresponding data for the UK published by the Office for National Statistics on 31 July 2008. The statistics are available at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/16170/4363

These figures cover approximately two thirds of the economy. The main sectors not covered are the financial sector and some of the public sector. These statistics are therefore best suited to the analysis of individual industries rather than the economy as a whole. The main points are as follows:

The latest figures show an increase in gross value added (GVA) between 2005 and 2006 in manufacturing, construction and services sectors (as defined above).

  • Since 2005, the main sectors saw the following increases in gross value added: services increased by £4.5 bn (14%), manufacturing by £1.1 bn (9%) and construction by £0.6 bn (12%).
  • The largest contribution to gross value added within manufacturing came from the food & drink industry (£3 billion). Within services, the largest contribution (£9 billion) was made by 'other business activities', a sector which includes legal activities, architectural & engineering activities, labour recruitment and advertising.
  • In 2006, GVA per employee in manufacturing (£60,700) was nearly twice as high as that in services sector (£30,900). In part this reflects the higher level of part time working in the service sector.
  • Within manufacturing, foreign-owned companies account for 27 per cent of employees and 29 per cent of GVA. Within services, foreign-owned companies account for 12 per cent of employees and 16 per cent of GVA.
  • The local authority areas contributing most to total gross value added within the manufacturing sector were Falkirk (15%), Glasgow City (9%), Fife (7%) and South Lanarkshire (7%). Within the service sector the highest contributing authorities were Glasgow City (18%), Edinburgh City (16%), Aberdeen City (12%) and North Lanarkshire (5%).

Background Notes

  • The Scottish Annual Business Statistics are based on the Annual Business Inquiry conducted by the Office for National Statistics. Summary data for Scotland, as well as data for other regions and countries within the UK, were published on 31 July 2008 and are available on the ONS website at http://www.statistics.gov.uk/abi/regional.asp
  • The figures published today cover the period 1998 to 2006, and include new figures for 2006 and revised figures for 2005.
  • For the reference year 2005 onwards, figures on Scottish capital expenditure are no longer made available in this publication. Please see the methodology section of the website for further information.
  • National statistics are produced by professionally independent statistical staff - more information on the standards of National statistics in Scotland can be accessed at http://www.scotland.gov.uk/Topics/Statistics/About

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