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Key Scottish Environment Statistics 2008

DescriptionAnnual booklet containing summary of key statistics on environmental trends in Scotland.
Official Print Publication DateAugust 2008
Website Publication DateAugust 21, 2008


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ISBN 978 0 7559 5788 0

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Welcome to the eighth edition of 'Key Scottish Environment Statistics'

Population and Households: 1991-2031
Gross Domestic Product ( GDP): 1977-2007
Electricity generation by source: 2000-2006
Motor traffic on all roads: 1993-2006

Public Attitudes
Public concern about environmental issues: 1991 and 2002
Public concern about environmental issues: 2006

Global Atmosphere
Annual mean temperature: 1914-2007
Annual precipitation: 1914-2007
Net greenhouse gas emissions: 1990-2005
Net carbon dioxide emissions by source: 1990-2005
Column ozone measurements: 1981-2007

Air Quality
Particulate (PM 10) concentrations: 1993-2007
Nitrogen dioxide concentrations: 1992-2007
Carbon monoxide concentrations: 1992-2007
Ground level ozone concentrations: 1990-2007
Sulphur dioxide concentrations: 1993-2007
Emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from large combustion plants: 1996-2007
Sensitive habitats affected by air pollution: 1996-2004

Public Water Supplies - Water abstracted and supplied: 2002/03 - 2007/08
Drinking water quality: 1991-2007
River water quality: 1999-2006
Nitrate concentrations in rivers: 1993-2007
Orthophosphate concentrations in rivers: 1993-2007
Effluent compliance with discharge consents: 1996/97-2006

Nitrogen loadings from land to the marine environment: 1990-2006
Compliance with the EC bathing water directive (76/160/ EEC): 1988-2007
Percentage of commercial continental shelf finfish stocks at full reproductive capacity: 1998-2006

Exposure of the population to all sources of radiation: 2003
Activity concentrations in milk: 1966-2007

Waste sent to landfill: 2000-2006
Municipal Solid Waste ( MSW): 2000/01-2006/07
Waste recycling behaviour: 2000-2007

Broad habitat change: 1990-1998
Derelict and urban vacant land: 2002-2007
Designated areas: 1991-2008
Agricultural land use: 1982-2007
Fertiliser application to crops and grass: 1986-2007
Area of woodland: 1924-2008

Status of UKBAP species and habitats in Scotland: 2005
Status of wild bird populations: 1975-2004
Catches of wild salmon: 1952-2006

Public Attitudes
Global Atmosphere
Air Quality

Throughout this publication, a '-' represents figures that are not available and 'R' indicates that figures have been revised since previous publications.

Edited by John Landrock, Lorraine Gormley and Susan Walker.

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August 2008