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Structure of the Scottish Livestock Industry

DescriptionThis work was commissioned to provide an analysis of the livestock industry structure and operations in Scotland, describing the size of the livestock sector along with details on individual livestock sectors and how they link to the wider supply chain. It also considers the capacity within Scotland to slaughter, cut and process livestock and livestock products, together with an assessment of the extent to which the industry is dependent on capacity and trade with the rest of the UK.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateJune 26, 2008


Steven Thomson


Steven Thomson
West Mains Road
EH11 2BW
0131 535 4192

ISBN 978 0 7559 1739 6 (Web only publication)

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List of Tables

List of Figures

Executive Summary

1.1 Background to the Project

2.Methods and Data Sources
2.1 Livestock Movements Data - Quality statement
2.2 Data sources and acknowledgements
2.3 Methodology
2.4 Statistical Analysis and Mapping Tools

3.Agricultural Output

4.Farm Types

5.Occupiers and Spouses


7.1 Sheep Trends
7.2 Sheep Movements
7.3 Net Sheep Movements off Parishes
7.4 Net Sheep Movements off Parishes to Farms
7.5 Live Cross-border Sheep Movements from Scotland

8.1 Pig Trends
8.2 Distribution of Pigs
8.3 Pig Movements
8.4 Net Pig Movements off Parishes

9.1 Cattle Trends
9.2 Dairy Trends
9.3 Beef Trends
9.4 Distribution of Cattle
9.5 Distribution of farms buying and selling store cattle
9.6 Net Movements of all cattle off parishes
9.7 Distribution of Dairy Cattle
9.8 Dairy Cattle Movements
9.9 Net Dairy Cattle Movements off Parishes
9.10 Distribution of Beef Cattle
9.11 Beef Cattle Movements
9.12 Net Beef Cattle Movements off Parishes
9.13 Store Cattle
9.14 Movements of Store Cattle

10.Other Livestock

11.Slaughter Numbers
11.1 Livestock Output Trends

12.Movements of Livestock to Slaughter
12.1 Sheep Movements to Slaughter
12.2 Geospatial Representation of Sheep Movements to Slaughter
12.3 Cross-border of Sheep Movements to Slaughter from Scotland
12.4 Pig Movements to Slaughter
12.5 Beef Movements to Slaughter
12.6 Dairy Movements to Slaughter
12.7 Geospatial Representation of Cattle (beef and dairy) Movements to Slaughter

13.Processors and meat supply chain

14.Value of Scottish Processed Meats

Appendix 1: Agricultural Business Types

Appendix 2: Geographical Distribution of Holdings by Type

Appendix 3a: Sheep Movements

Appendix 3b: Pig Movements

Appendix 3c: Dairy Cattle Movements

Appendix 3d: Beef Cattle Movements

Appendix 4: Location of Scottish Meat Processors