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Changing Scotland's relationship with alcohol: a discussion paper on our strategic approach



Case study: Moray Council - Midnight Football League

This initiative provides physical activity to teenagers to help reduce anti-social behaviour, an identified priority in the Community Plan. Initiated through Scottish Football Association and Bank of Scotland funding, it is replicated in other parts of the country. A football league that is organised for an 8-12 week period on a Friday evening from 9.00-11.30pm for 12-18yr olds. The SFA/Bank of Scotland funds one term per year of midnight league. Due to the success and popularity of the league it has continued throughout the other school terms and has also been funded through Local Community Networks ( LCNs), Grampian Police, The Moray Council or Local Village Associations. The leagues have taken place in Buckie, Fochabers, Keith, Elgin, and Lossiemouth and have helped to reduce anti-social behaviour and youth disorder calls on a Friday night. Each session attracts between 35-100 participants. Moray Council will continue to organise midnight football leagues throughout the Moray area whilst budgets are still available. They are keen to develop the leagues into more community led projects, so rather than employing SFA qualified coaches to supervise the leagues they would like to put some volunteers, parents etc onto a SFA Coach Education course as well as a first aid and child protection course which would result in the leagues being more cost-effective.

Lloyds TSB Foundation Partnership Drugs Initiative Case Study

A group of young people were identified and known to a PDI project through their detached streetwork. All were involved in gang fighting, using alcohol and drugs, and most had been both victims and perpetrators of violence. All the young people in the group had a negative reputation with the police and local community due to their anti-social behaviour.

The PDI project built up a relationship with them over a 2 year period. Through the support provided by the PDI Project the group of young people were approached to devise and develop a specific initiative for their own community. This initiative was part of a scheme developed between local service providers to encourage community-led joint ventures. The young people renovated the garden for the local residential home for elderly people. The work was well received by the residential home, and increased the young peoples' reputation with their local community. The young people themselves continue to work with the PDI project around their substance misuse, offending etc with some already demonstrating a reduction in offending and are accessing help in relation to their alcohol intake.

Active Schools Network

North Lanarkshire Council and North Lanarkshire Leisure: Saturday Fame Academy

Shotts Leisure Centre is opened outwith its normal opening times from 6pm to 10pm on Saturday nights. The time was chosen after consultation with the local community and the young people from Shotts and surrounding areas. The council provided a programme of sport and leisure activities which impacted on youth disorder, vandalism, calls to the police and under age drinking. Following the success of the pilot project, the council has extended it to Airdrie Leisure Centre and Tryst Sports Centre in Cumbernauld with over 2,000 young people registered.

West Dunbartonshire Council: The Pulse Programme

Each Friday night a range of free sport and art activities is offered to 12-18 year olds in venues across West Dunbartonshire. The pulse initiative, launched by West Dunbartonshire Community Safety Partnership, West Dunbartonshire Council and Strathclyde Police, aims to reduce youth disorder whilst providing young people with a variety of fun, healthy options in their community. The Pulse Initiative also offers an outreach service to young people in outlying areas providing transport to take them to identified Pulse Centres. Further information is available at www.thepulse-wd.com

Scottish Sport Futures

The voluntary sector organisation Scottish Sports Futures ( SSF) provide city wide diversionary sport activities in Glasgow including twilight basketball. SSF is currently running a number of projects that use inclusive sport to encourage young people to make positive changes in their lives, whether that includes abstaining from drugs and alcohol, improving diet, activity levels or attitude.