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Evaluation of the Professional Development Programme for Educational Psychologists in Scotland

Descriptionassessment of the effectiveness and value for money of the PDP and options for improvement within the current level of funding.
Official Print Publication Date
Website Publication DateMay 09, 2008


Divya Jindal-Snape, Elaine Smith, Wilma Barrow, Elizabeth Hannah and Claire Kerr
University of Dundee
Research Assistants: Yuefang Zhou and Laura Baird
Corresponding author: Dr Divya Jindal-Snape
School of Education, Social Work and Community Education, University of Dundee, Nethergate, Dundee DD1 4HN

ISBN 978 0 7559 7086 5 (Web only publication)

This document is also available in pdf format (604k)
This is also acompanied by, Evaluation of the Professional Development Programme for Educational Psychologists in Scotland research findings No. 36/2008





3.1 Demographics
3.2 Source of information about the PDP
3.3 Experience of the PDP
3.4 Decision making regarding the PDP themes
3.5 Views about the PDP reports
3.6 Usefulness of the PDP to the EPS and the EP as a professional
3.7 Overall Suggestions for the Improvement of the PDP Process and Outcomes
3.8 Additional views from Phase II about the PDP



APPENDIX 1: Online Questionnaire
APPENDIX 2: Focus Group and Telephone Interview Schedule for main grade EPs and SEPs
APPENDIX 3: Focus Group and Telephone Interview Schedule for the PEPs/Depute and ASPEP Members
APPENDIX 4: Focus Group and Telephone Interview Schedule for the PDP Steering Group members
APPENDIX 5: Focus Group and Telephone Interview Schedule for Stakeholders
APPENDIX 6: Technical information about the Statistical analysis undertaken in this study


The research team would like to thank the Scottish Government and the Research Advisory Group for their support throughout the study. The Research Advisory Group included:

Anna Boni, HMIE
Jackie Horne, Analytical Services Unit, Scottish Government
David Miller, Support for Learning, Scottish Government
Sarah Miller, Analytical Services Unit, Scottish Government
Iain Murray, Support for Learning, Scottish Government
Noreen Phillips, Inverclyde Council
Roslyn Redpath, East Renfrewshire Council

We would also like to thank Peter Kaye and Vivien Robinson (Perth and Kinross Educational Psychology Service) for their help with circulating the flyers, participant information sheets and the link for the online questionnaire. The support of Margaret Adamson (University of Dundee) in putting the questionnaire online is acknowledged.

Above all, we would like to thank all the research participants for contributing very rich data to this study.

It should be noted that since this research was commissioned a new Scottish government has been formed, which means that the report reflects commitments and strategic objectives conceived under the previous administration. The policies, strategies, objectives and commitments referred to in this report should not therefore be treated as current Government policy necessarily .

The Scottish Government is making this research report available on-line in order to provide access to its contents for those interested in the subject. The Executive commissioned the research but has not exercised editorial control over the report

This web only report is accompanied by the web only research findings 36/2008 "Evaluation of The Professional Development programme for Educational Psychologists in Scotland".

Both documents are published by Education Analytical Services, Scottish Government, Victoria Quay, Edinburgh, EH6 6QQ. If you have any enquiries about these reports please contact the Dissemination Officer on 0131-244-0894; by e-mail on recs.admin@scotland.gsi.gov.uk or visit our website www.scotland.gov.uk/insight .

The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

This report is available on the Scottish Government Social Research website only