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Scotland Rural Development Programme: Rural Development Contracts: Land Managers Options: Notes for Guidance - LMO1

DescriptionNotes for guidance for the Rural Development Contracts Land Managers Options
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2008
Website Publication DateMarch 28, 2008


This document is also available in pdf format (1.2mb)


Covering Letter
RDC- Land Managers Options ( LMO) Guidance

1 Introduction
Who can apply
Checklist - Key dates
When and how do I apply?
Calculating your allowance
Common Grazings
Withdrawal from five year commitments
Change of Occupier
Land ownership and control
Conservation or management agreements
Scheduled Monuments
Minimum Level of Grazing
2 Completing your application forms
3 Claims and payment process
Cross compliance

SECTION 2 - List of Options
Axis 1 Improving the competitiveness of the agricultural and forestry sector
1 Skills development (Training)
Skills development - Examples of suitable training courses
2 Use of farm and forestry advisory services
Business audit
3 Nutrient management plan
4 Modernisation through electronic data management - agriculture
Electronic recording for livestock production
Precision farming equipment
5 Management of genetically appropriate tree stocks for seed production
6 Modernisation through electronic data management
Forestry planning equipment
7 Access creation for sustainable forest management
8 Membership of food quality assurance schemes
Axis 2 Improving the environment and the countryside
9 Wild bird seed mix/unharvested crop
10 Improvement of rush pasture for wildlife
11 Summer cattle grazing
12 Management of moorland grazing
13 Management of linear features
14 Management of grass margins and beetlebanks in arable fields
15 Biodiversity cropping on in-bye
Supplement - using traditional methods
16 Management of conservation headlands
Premium - No application of nitrogenous fertilisers
Supplement - retain stubbles over winter
17 Retention of winter stubbles
18 Small scale woodland creation
on agricultural land
on non - agricultural land
19 Management of small woodlands
With stock exclusion
Axis 3 The quality of life in rural areas and diversification of the rural economy
20 Improving access
Associated capital items
21 Management of sites of archaeological or historic interest
22 Management and repair to improve the condition of vernacular rural buildings

Annex A: List of contact details for other agencies
Annex B: List of SGRPID Area Offices and telephone numbers