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Millennium Cohort Study: A User Guide Focussing on Families in Scotland



We are grateful for the co-operation of the children who form the Millennium Birth Cohort and their mothers, fathers and other family members, all entirely voluntary. We wish to acknowledge the initiation and funding of the survey by the Economic and Social Research Council, and its substantial supplementation by the consortium, led by the Office for National Statistics, of government departments: the Dept for Education and Skills, the Department of Work and Pensions, the Department of Health and of the governments of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The National Evaluation of the Children's Fund offered the opportunity to enhance the second survey in several ways, as did the International Centre for Child Studies.

The work could not have been accomplished without the involvement of over a large number of advisors drawn from academics, policy makers and funders, who we consulted throughout the design of the surveys, particular thanks to those who served on the MCS Advisory Committee and the MCS Advisory Groups for the second survey.

The survey and this document also benefited from the enthusiasm and expertise of:

Researchers, programmers, field-managers and interviewers at NOP, and their sub-contractors, Millward Brown in Northern Ireland .

The staff of the Information Centre at Newcastle of H M Revenue and Customs formerly the Department of Social Security)

The members of the CLS tracing team, IT team, database team, survey and research teams.

List of contributors

Lisa Calderwood
Shirley Dex
Kirstine Hansen
Denise Hawkes
Elizabeth Jones
Heather Joshi
Sos Ketende
Kate Smith
Kelly Ward