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LEAP: A manual for Learning Evaluation and Planning in Community Learning and Development: Revised Edition

DescriptionA model for participatory planning and evaluation in community learning and development.
ISBN978 0 7559 5517
Official Print Publication DateDecember 2007
Website Publication DateDecember 05, 2007


ISBN 978 0 7559 5517 6
This document is also available in pdf format (264k)



Section 1: Introducing Leap
i. what is the LEAP framework?
ii. key steps in the LEAP approach
iii. principles underpinning LEAP
iv. why LEAP may be useful
v. applying LEAP at different levels
vi. context of the revised LEAP
vii. LEAP and other CLD tools

Section 2: Exploring the principles of LEAP
i. a need-led approach
ii. building on strengths of the participants
iii. being change and outcome-focused
iv. a participatory and partnership approach
v. promoting continuous learning and improvement

Section 3: Understanding the steps in the LEAP cycle
Step 1: agreeing outcomes - what difference do we want to make?
Step 2: identifying indicators - how will we know we made a difference?
Step 3: action planning - how will we go about making the difference?
Step 4: monitoring - how are we making sure it is happening?
Step 5: evaluation - have we made a difference, what are the lessons we have learned?

The text of this revised LEAP manual was developed by the Scottish Community Development Centre.

We would like to acknowledge the invaluable contributions of the many practitioners and managers who offered advice and suggestions. Thank you for your time and insights.