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Impact of Aspects of the Law of Evidence in Sexual Offence Trials: An Evaluation Study



We are grateful for the assistance given to us by those working in the High Court Justiciary and First Instance Offices, and in the High Court in Glasgow and Edinburgh. One of the first people we wished to thank was Tom Higgins who smoothed our path to all the relevant record systems within the High Court. We were very sad to learn of his sudden death. We thank Nicola Marchant for guidance in respect of the relevant record systems held within the High Court and to David Carroll at Glasgow Sheriff Court for providing accommodation for the transcription of trial tapes. We would also like to thank Ian Clark and Gaynor Shaw for invaluable assistance with the identification and advance notification of sexual offence trials. We are grateful to the staff of VIA, Witness Service and staff of the High Court in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth and Dundee for facilitating trial attendance. We would also like to thank the Lord Justice General's Office, the Faculty of Advocates, and the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal's Service for assistance with access to the courts and legal practitioners. Our sincere thanks also to the Judges, Crown and Defence Advocates who agreed to be interviewed during this study. We are also grateful to Rape Crisis, SAY Women, the Scottish Women's Convention and, not least, the women who agreed to speak to us about their experiences of going to court as a complainer in a sexual offence trial .

We would also like to thank Julia Murphy and Katherine Macdivitt of Justice Analytical Services within the Scottish Government. Our thanks go to all members of the Research Advisory Group for their advice and helpful comments. We are also particularly grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their extremely valuable insights and suggestions as to how the research analysis could be improved.