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Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland



Evaluation of the Implementation of Local Area Co-ordination in Scotland

Interview schedule for local area co-ordinators

NB: Refer to completed information gathering sheet as appropriate

(For the tape) Local authority and number of local area co-ordinators being interviewed

Day to day working

Can I begin by asking how clearly the LAC role is defined in this authority?

If appropriate - Has this presented any challenges for you?

How did you first set about your role when appointed?

  • in relation to working with individual and families
  • in relation to working with communities?

How do you find/ recruit people (service users) to work with?
Do other workers/ agencies introduce or 'refer' people to you? (if so, which workers/agencies?)

Can you describe a 'typical day' as a LAC?

What barriers have you come across as a LAC?
How have you tackled them?

Have you experienced any conflict of role as a LAC? (eg: being drawn into care management/ social work, being expected to take on other duties or tasks)

How well developed are partnerships with other workers/ agencies?

Do other agencies have a good understanding of the LAC role?


Can I ask about your office base - how appropriate and useful is your current location?
And why?
If appropriate - Would another location work better?

How useful has been the training you've had for the LAC role?
Do you attend/ have you attended the Action Learning Sets run by SCLD?
How useful have you found them?
What further training or development needs do you have (if any)?

Who are you accountable to as a LAC? ( prompt: managers/ steering group/ service users/ community)
How well do these arrangements work?
How (if at all) could they be improved?

Can you describe your supervision arrangements?
How useful are they?
How (if at all) could they be improved?

Reflections on LAC

What aspects of LAC have worked well in this authority?
What aspects have been slower or more problematic?
How has LAC impacted on the individuals you work with? (please give an example)
How far do you think LAC has made/ will make a difference to communities? (please give an example)
Is there anything distinctive about its implementation in this authority?
Are there any changes or improvements you'd like to see in the implementation of LAC in this authority?
Could you reflect a little on the principles underlying LAC? How useful have you found them?
In this authority, how far has it been possible to remain close to the LAC ethos?
Have you found any problematic aspects of the LAC ethos?
What lessons have you learnt about how best to implement LAC practice?
How would you like to see LAC develop nationally?
Is there anything else about LAC generally that you'd like to comment on?

Thank you very much for taking part in this study. We plan to carry out more detailed case studies of LAC in five authorities. Is that something you would be willing to consider taking part in?

You will receive feedback about the findings of the study once they have been cleared by the Scottish Executive.