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Scottish Policing Performance Framework

DescriptionOverview of the Scottish Policing Performance Framework, including high level objectives and performance measures for 2007/08
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2007
Website Publication DateMarch 20, 2007


    SPPF LogoThe Scottish Policing Performance Framework pdf (945kb)

    The Scottish Policing Performance Framework is effective across Scotland from 1 April 2007. The framework is a significant step forward in the way that policing performance will be measured, reported and ultimately managed in Scotland. The framework is the product of significant collaborative working between ACPOS, the eight Scottish police forces, the Scottish Executive's Justice Department, Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary ( HMIC), Audit Scotland and the Scottish Police Authorities Conveners' Forum.

    In autumn 2005, the Minister for Justice outlined her priorities for the police service, one of which was performance measurement and management. Around the same time, HMIC published their thematic inspection of performance management, entitled 'Managing Improvement'. ACPOS also recognised the importance of performance management and set up the Performance Management Business Area ( PMBA), to examine this priority issue in detail. These factors are driving changes in the way in which performance management is approached within Scottish police forces, including the introduction of a policing performance framework.

    The framework provides a coherent national model for the measurement and reporting of performance information. It is intended to assist managers throughout the police service to provide more effective policing within Scottish communities. The framework also aims to improve accountability at local and national levels through the publication of consistent and transparent performance information, which will support Scottish Ministers, Police Authorities and the general public, in their understanding of policing performance.

    The framework is divided into four areas, designed to capture the breadth of policing activity. The four areas are:

    • Service Response;
    • Public Reassurance & Community Safety;
    • Criminal Justice & Tackling Crime;
    • Sound Governance & Efficiency.

    In each of the four areas, high level objectives have been identified, which reflect national policing priorities. These objectives have been translated into specific performance measures in each of the four areas. In turn, there are three types of measures: Outcomes (the final results), Activities (activities and processes involved in achieving the outcomes) and Inputs (the resources used). Additionally, there are Context measures, which are not measures of performance, rather they are designed to provide contextual information to allow a better understanding of the environment within which a police force operates. The framework establishes, for the first time, a single national suite of performance measures.

    The framework for 2007/08 contains a moderate number of measures and is the first step towards a much more comprehensive suite of indicators, being developed for 2008/09 and beyond. It is intended to offer a high degree of flexibility, in order that the range of indicators can be expanded for future years, building on the measures put in place for 2007/08. Account will also be taken of forces' local indicators and if there is significant commonality across forces, these will be considered as national indicators in the future. The first national performance report is expected in autumn 2008.


    Should you have any questions, or require a hard copy of the framework, please do not hesitate to contact the Police Performance Team at the Scottish Executive:

    Police Performance Team
    1WR St Andrew's House
    Edinburgh EH1 3DG

    Telephone: 0131 244 2388
    E-mail: police.performance.framework@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

    Or, the Secretary of the ACPOS Performance Management Business Area:
    Performance Management Business Area - Deputy Chief Constable Colin Mather, Secretary
    Telephone: 01786 456 304
    E-mail: dcc@centralscotland.pnn.police.uk