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Reaching Higher: Building on the Success of Sport 21



To develop and sustain a vibrant culture in which we value and actively participate in sport we must continually assess and evaluate the impact of what we do and how well we do it.

image of Monitoring the review process

The 11 targets of Sport 21 were aspirational but like many national targets they have proved difficult to measure. They take no account of local variations, fail to acknowledge what achievements have been made and where action is required.

The Scottish Executive will assume responsibility for gathering statistical data on participation rates in sport using the Scottish Household Survey. This will allow us to measure progress towards the 2020 Vision of 60% of adult Scots participating in sport at least once a week. We will also work with sportscotland to measure progress towards improving performance in Scottish sport. We will publish reports on progress towards achieving the national outcomes which will include national and local statistics and will work with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy ( CIPFA) and Audit Scotland on their national overview of sport.

We will develop a framework which will allow everyone involved in developing and delivering sport to monitor and evaluate progress. This will be consistent with the European Foundation for Quality Management Excellence Model which supports continuous improvement. We will develop the framework with the full involvement of our key partners and aim to draw on existing models and link to other policy areas where appropriate.

The framework will measure:

  • the national outcomes of increased participation and improved performance; and
  • progress towards delivery of the national priorities.

Three key questions will be at the heart of the process of evaluation:

  • How are we doing in delivering the national outcomes and national priorities?
  • How do we know?
  • What are we going to do now?

This focus on outcomes, impact and performance sits alongside the commitment for sportscotland and local authorities to deliver continuous improvement under Best Value. These principles apply equally to sports governing bodies and other organisations in receipt of public funding. It is the responsibility of all key partners to ensure quality assurance is embedded in the way they think and work.