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Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland, 2005-06

DescriptionIncidents of Domestic Abuse Recorded by the Police in Scotland
ISBN0 7559 6258 3
Official Print Publication DateSeptember 2006
Website Publication DateSeptember 28, 2006


Published September 2006
ISBN 0 7559 6258 3

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A Scottish Executive National Statistics Publication


1. Introduction
2. Main points

3. Commentary
3.1. Incidents of domestic abuse recorded by the police
3.2. Incidents of domestic abuse per 100,000 population
3.3. Incidents of domestic abuse by gender of victim and perpetrator
3.4. Level of repeat victimisation
3.5. Incidents of domestic abuse by age of victim and perpetrator
3.6. Incidents of domestic abuse by relationship between victim and perpetrator
3.7. Location of incidents of domestic abuse
3.8. Crimes and offences of domestic abuse, action taken by police
3.9 Day of occurrence of domestic abuse incidents

4. Appendix of tables

5. Notes on statistics used in this bulletin
5.1. Background
5.2. Accuracy of the statistics

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