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HCS1: Are You Entitled to Help With Health Costs? HCS2 A Quick Guide to Help With Health Costs includes Charges and OPtical Voucher Values: 2006/2007 HCS3: Poster



You can quickly check if you are entitled to free treatment by reading here.

For more detailed guidance go to here of this booklet and find the group you most easily fit into, then go to the link shown, e.g. if you are 60 or over, go here.

After reading about the group that most applies to you, check to see if any others also apply. You may fit into more than one group. If so, you need to make sure you read about both groups.

For instance, you might be:

  • 60 or over and also on a low income


  • pregnant and also have a specified medical condition.

When you have found the group or groups you belong to and what help you can get, go on to: 'Claiming Help When You Go For Treatment' (see here).

Refunds. You can also get information about refunds in this booklet - read here.

The Penalty Charge. If you are found to have made a wrongful claim for help with health costs, you will face penalty charges and may be prosecuted. Read here.

Current Rates. The current rates of NHS charges and optical voucher values in Scotland are given in leaflet HCS2 'A Quick Guide to Help with Health Costs - Charges and Optical Voucher Values' (available from GP Surgeries, Community Pharmacies, Citizens Advice Scotland and Jobcentre Plus).