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Thursday 03/08/2006

Scotland's People: Scottish Household Survey Methodology 2005 [Research]

This report provides technical information on the survey methodology, including sampling, data collection methods and limitations of Scottish Household data and accompanies the Annual Report.

Scotland's People: Scottish Household Survey Questionnaire January to December 2006 [Research]

This report provides an abbreviated questionnaire script used from April 2003 to December 2004 and accompanies the Scottish Household Survey Annual Report.

Wednesday 02/08/2006

Scottish Executive Urban Rural Classification 2005-2006 (Statistics Notice) [Statistics]

Scottish Executive Urban Rural Classification 2005-06

Tuesday 01/08/2006

Youth Work - Opportunities for All: Questionnaire for Young People - Online Form [People and Society]

Aim of the consultation is gather a wide range of views on youth work services and opportunities in Scotland, which will inform the national strategy for youth work. Views are particularly being sought from young people aged 11 - 25 years, focussing on the 11 - 18 age group. Views are also being sought from youth work practitioners, volunteers, managers in local authorities & voluntary youth organisations and anyone with an interest in young people.

Monday 31/07/2006

Central Heating Programme and Warm Deal - Annual Report 2004-05 [Housing]

This report details activity under the Central Heating and Warm Deal Programmes during 2004-2005.

Tuesday 25/07/2006

Higher Education-Business and Community Interaction Survey 2003-2004 [Statistics]

The Higher Education - Business and Community Interaction Survey provides measures of the main commercialisation and knowledge transfer activities undertaken by Scottish and UK Higher Education Institutes during the academic year 2003-2004.

Thursday 28/03/2002

Standards in Scotland's Schools Etc. Act 2000 - Section 34: Guidance on Pre-School Education [Education and Training]

This guidance reflects policy advice given between 2002-2007. Please contact your local council for information on how it delivers pre-school education.

Showing: 81 to 87 of 87