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Range and Capacity Review Group: Second Report: The Future Care of Older People in Scotland

DescriptionRange and Capacity Review Group's Second Report
Official Print Publication DateMay 2006
Website Publication DateMay 03, 2006


ISBN 0 7559 6044 0
This document is also available in pdf format (456k)


Chapter 1 Context and reference to first report

Chapter 2 Change and recent trends
Drivers for change

Chapter 3 Older people
Getting older, feeling young
Health inequalities
Changing perceptions and higher expectations
Personalised services

Chapter 4 Population demographics and morbidity
Increase in the number of older people
Increasing life expectancy
Life expectancy: future trends
Trends in age-specific levels of ill-health and dependency among older people
Healthy life expectancy and impaired health at the end
Other points to note

Chapter 5 Links to other reports
Building a Health Service Fit for the Future (The Kerr Report)
Better Outcomes for Older People
The Future of Unpaid Care in Scotland: Care 21
Report on recent trends in capacity in the care home sector in Scotland
Forth Valley Studies
Independence, Well-being and Choice
Changing Lives: Report of the 21st Century Social Work Review

Chapter 6 Need for a whole systems approach

Chapter 7 The vision for care
Care for the future: Active ageing and healthy living and well-being
Health improvement
More flexible services
Step up and step down/rehabilitation/intermediate care
Telecare: wider application
Equipment and adaptations
Falls prevention
Care and repair
Palliative care and improving end of life care
Joint future
Physical design issues: public buildings and spaces
Physical design issues: houses
Our vision for care: conclusion
Our desired outcome and how we get there

Chapter 8 Capacity planning

Chapter 9 Workforce issues
The pressures
Right people, right skills, right place, right time
Inward migration
Inward migration - information about numbers: accession 8 countries
Inward migration - contribution to the workforce
Workforce issues: conclusion

Chapter 10 Funding issues
Different pots of money
Value for money
Disinvestment in old buildings and services

Chapter 11 Regulation and inspection issues

Chapter 12 Building a health service fit for the future: implications

Chapter 13 Other factors

Chapter 14 Conclusion and recommendations

Annex A: Accession 8 Nationals Working in the Care Sector
Annex B: Dementia
Annex C: Extract from Care Development Group Report Fair Care for Older People
Annex D: Illustrative Process for Reviewing Model and Capacity for Older People
Annex E: References
Annex F: Definitions
Annex G: Membership of Group