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Review of Public Procurement in Scotland - Report and Recommendations


20 Highlight of Review Conclusions

  • Some progress made to date but not consistently across the whole public sector
  • Specific good work has created some "islands of excellence"
  • Urgent action required on governance issues
  • Higher priority needed for procurement
  • Action also required on resources and skills. Some investment is necessary
  • Attention to basic practices essential to deliver already targeted financial savings
  • More leadership needed from centre with policy being mandatory
  • New approaches and supplier charter are required to address significant concerns held by suppliers
  • Advanced procurement practices have to be pursued
  • More collaboration also needed
  • New "Commodity Centres of Expertise" - a vital step
  • Achievement of superior performance will deliver Best Value and long-term savings above current targets
  • Direction understood - missing ingredient is conviction to implement. A Procurement Reform Board is proposed in support of this. Ministerial support is a prerequisite.