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Review of Public Procurement in Scotland - Report and Recommendations


17 Wider Scottish Executive Procurement


The Scottish Executive Procurement Directorate is responsible for the execution of the procurement responsibility for some central Scottish Executive contracts but not for all of the procurement activities of Scottish Executive departments.


There is undoubtedly a dispersal of procurement skills and in some cases the absence of a critical mass of procurement activity at the individual department or unit level. Also there is inconsistency, department by department on this subject. This same issue extends beyond the core Executive Departments and extends to some Agencies and NDPBs. At a minimum there is duplication across the "wider Scottish Executive" (Departments, Agencies and NDPBs) of similar procurement activities and therefore poor utilisation of scarce skilled resources. There is not optimisation of consolidated procurement volumes and or value.

17.1 Recommendation

In addition to the responsibility for central contracts for National A and for Scottish Executive Sector Specific B Commodities, the Directorate or other associated central procurement group should be assigned the responsibility for procurement of all remaining (C) Commodities and services for the wider Scottish Executive. There may be exceptions to this, e.g. where the potential C Commodities are highly specialised. Exceptions should be justified and formally approved as deviations from the norm.