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Review of Public Procurement in Scotland - Report and Recommendations


Foreword and Scope

John F. McClelland photoIn 2005, at the request of the Minister for Finance and Public Sector Reform, I commenced a detailed review of Public Sector Procurement in Scotland. The remit of this review is to report on status and provide recommendations in the following areas.

  • Current structure and organisation
  • Current skills and capability
  • Current practices and procedures
  • Performance indicators and targets
  • Opportunity for improvements and new techniques

The review is being conducted within a distinctive agenda of efficient government and, in particular, a focus on procurement such as that referred to in the Scottish Executive's "Building a Better Scotland" publication. I have interpreted the term "public sector" in its widest possible context therefore my work has covered a wide range of Scottish Executive-funded organisations including health, local authorities, tertiary education system, agencies, departments, non-departmental public bodies and other publicly-funded or owned bodies, such as Scottish Water. I have conducted this work personally to ensure my own experienced participation is a cornerstone of the analysis and review. Another feature of the work is the degree to which it has benefited from consultation based input. A list of the individuals and organisations consulted is appended (Appendix A). The contacts total more than 80 and include suppliers and most recognised industry organisations.

I see this consultation being not only a major factor in assuring the relevance of the findings and resultant recommendations but also it should provide a platform for launching implementation of the action required. I am therefore optimistic that these findings, recommendations and the proposed implementation plan incorporated in this Review will have a higher level of acceptance and stronger cross public sector support as a result of this approach.

In making my assessment I am sensitive to the fact that my remarks will be interpreted as applying in every case. It should be clearly understood that there is a wide diversity of status and operating environment within the public sector and there are of course exceptions to the statements contained in this document.

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