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Looking to Learn: Investigating the Motivations to Learn and the Barriers Faced by Adults Wishing to Undertake Part-Time Study

DescriptionThe research involved a review of the literature on adult participation in learning from 1990-2005 and the development of a model for understanding participation.
Official Print Publication DateMarch 2006
Website Publication DateMarch 13, 2006


Ralf St.Clair, Centre for Research and Development In Adult and Lifelong Learning, Department of Adult and Continuing Education, University of Glasgow
ISBN 0 7559 2984 5 (Web only publication)
This document is also available in pdf format (424k)


Executive summary

Chapter one: understanding participation
Participation and lifelong learning: significant issues
Selected theories of participation
Difficulties with participation theories

Chapter two: the approach of this study
A model of participation
The particulars of participation
Gathering the evidence

Chapter three: who participates?
Scottish studies
Uk studies
Participation in further and higher education

Chapter four: hygienes and motivators
Factors less amenable to policy intervention
General hygienes for adult learning
General motivators for adult learning
Hygienes for part-time participation in formal education
Motivators for part-time participation in formal education

Chapter five: implications for under-represented groups
General participation in non-formal education
General participation in formal education
Unemployed people in non-formal education
Unemployed people in formal education
Individuals from social class c2-e in non-formal education
Individuals from social class c2-e in formal education
Lone parents in non-formal education
Lone parents in formal education
Older adults in non-formal education
Older adults in formal education
Learners with disabilities in non-formal education
Learners with disabilities in formal education

Chapter six: conclusions and policy implications
Research questions
Comments for policy


The views expressed in this report are those of the researcher and
do not necessarily represent those of the Department or Scottish Ministers.

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